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Play Doh Valentine (free printable PDF template)

Whether you call it Play Doh, or not by the name brand like “play dough”…Play-Doh is a fun, non-food related, Valentine’s Day gift idea for kids to share with their classmates and friends. So, today I decided to share with you this fun and inexpensive design and provide a free Play Doh Valentine printable.

free printable play doh valentine, free printable play dough valentine
Play Doh Valentine Printable.

I think that my favorite thing about this particular Valentine gift is that it is both gender neutral and it friends zones everyone…lol. I remember, when I was a kid, hating it when my mom would buy Valentine’s that sounded romantic or like I liked someone more than just friends…like it legitimately made me squirm once I got to about ten or eleven years old.

So, this printable is a great option to avoid all of the awkwardness that can come with Valentine’s Day for school-aged kids…besides, who doesn’t like messing around with Play-Doh, so it’s win/win!

Here’s what they look like in action…they’re just simple,

Play Doh Valentine Tags

Play doh valentine ideas
Valentines day play-doh unisex

Once you print the PDF labels/tags, you can easily just cut them out, add some tape or glue, and place them inside the lids, or just stick them to the sides of your Play-Doh containers.

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Like I said before, I love that this playdough Valentine idea isn’t romantic in any way…which makes these perfect for both boys and girls to give out.

Free Printable Play Doh Valentine PDF Template

Here is what the printables will look like when you print out a sheet of them…they won’t have my watermark in every corner though.

Easy Play-Doh Valentines, gender neutral.

As always, my free printables are for personal use only and any other uses should be run past me first, so please keep that in mind.

How to save money on Play Doh Valentines:

Don’t forget that you’ll save money on these Valentine’s if you buy your Play Doh in bulk. You could even buy the smaller containers Play Doh in bulk if the budget is tight, both sizes are still pretty fun.

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play doh valentine printable template
Play Doh Valentine Printable.

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Play Doh valentine printable
Playdough valentine printable
Play Doh Valentine Printable.

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 Play doh valentine free printable