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Easy Polar Bear Paper Plate Craft

Learn how to make this Easy Polar Bear Paper Plate Craft with free printable templates. Perfect for toddler, preschool, and first grade aged kids.

Easy polar bear paper plate craft
Easy Polar Bear Paper Plate Craft.

I love this little craft because it really takes minimal supplies, can keep those little ones busy for a good half hour to an hour, and it helps them develop their motor skills while having fun.

It really is easy to make this polar bear craft with paper plates.

First I’m going to share with you a little video. Then pictures of the process, some pictures of what it looks like when the craft project is done, then I will give you a link to the free printable template, as well as a free printable how-to card that will have a supply list and instructions.

Here are the supplies laid out:

Polar bear crafts for kids, supplies needed.

Not pictured are the scissors to cut out the eyes, ears, and mouth/nose.

Take a basic paper plate, and apply tacky or elmers glue to the plate, or to each individual cotton ball and attach them the the plate covering as much of the plate as desired with cotton balls.

Polar bear crafts for first grade

Print out, and cut out the spots, eyes, mouth/nose, and ears. Assemble them with glue as needed. Keep in mind that if this craft is being made for very small children, the adult may want to do all of the cutting ahead of time so that the children can just keep creating.

Polar crafts to make
Polar crafts for toddlers

Attach the ears first with glue.

Polar Bear craft ideas

Then attach the nose/mouth with glue as well.

Polar bear craft projects

Then attach the eyes and the “dots” are completely optional, but I think that they make it look a little cuter.

Polar bear art craft

Now to enjoy and admire your Polar Bear Art Craft.

Polar bear craft
Polar bear paper plate kids craft idea for winter time.

Here is the link for the free printable Polar Bear Craft template.

Make sure to click on that link and download/print the template from there.

Please keep in mind that yes, all my free printables are free, but they are for personal use only. Rights for any type of commercial use, or sales, needs to be purchased directly through me.

How To Make A Polar Bear Craft

Polar bear craft

Learn how to make easy polar bear paper plate craft with free printable templates. Perfect for toddler, preschool, and first grade aged kids.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 30 minutes
Additional Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour 35 minutes
Estimated Cost $5-10


  • Paper plate
  • Cotton balls
  • Quick dry tacky glue or school glue
  • Print Off Of Polar Bear Template


  • Scissors


  1. Print the Polar Bear Template. If you did not see the link for the template above in the post, you can get that here.
  2. Allow children to create the polar bear by gluing cotton balls to the paper plate.
  3. Add the paper layers to create the ears and face, attach them with glue.
  4. Allow to dry fully before sending home with children or moving to hang up.


  • If printing with a cutting machine such as a cricut or a silhouette, make sure to upload the correct file to your software. Resize your images to fit 6 ½ inches wide and 11 inches long. Select to print and cut. Please be aware that the SVG and EPS files are in black and white. If you choose to print in color, you will need to set those colors within your software manually for any changes desired.
  • Wasn’t that such a fun little Polar Bear craft for kids?

    I love the simplicity of this craft! Especially since it’s nearly an all-white project, that means that if a kid goes a little crazy with the glue that it’s going to dry and blend right in…which means it’s hard to mess this one up.

    That’s all I have for you today folks, make sure that if you loved this craft to check out my entire crafts section.

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    Polar bear preschool craft

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    Easy polar bear paper plate Craft
    Easy polar bear paper plate craft
    Polar bear art craft
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