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12 Winter Crafts For Kids

Winter is a magical season, filled with the wonder of snowflakes, the joy of holidays, and the cozy warmth of indoor activities. For families, it’s a perfect time to engage in creative endeavors that not only celebrate the season but also foster imagination and skill-building in children. This article delves into the fun world of seasonal crafting, offering a treasure trove of ideas of winter crafts for kids of all ages. Whether you’re a crafty veteran or a beginner, these crafts promise hours of fun and creativity for children, turning the cold months into a canvas of endless possibilities.

winter crafts

Let’s get those creative juices flowing while we are all stuck indoors.

Winter craft ideas

We’re just going top dive right in so that the fun can begin as soon as possible. 😉

Marshmallow Snowman Crafts For Kids

winter snowman crafts for kids 4

If you are you looking for a simple craft to keep the kids entertained while it’s too cold outside to go out and play, then this marshmallow snowman winter craft is just what you are looking for! This simple project would be a perfect winter craft for toddlers or preschooler level kids.

Printable Winter Bookmarks to Color

Fun winter art projects, free printable winter bookmark craft. l

One of the best parts of winter is snuggling under a blanket with a great book. These printable bookmarks make a fun winter art project/craft, and it’s a cute place holder for when you need to refill your cocoa;).

Snowman Crafts For Kids Sensory Bottle


Enjoy winter art projects no matter what your climate looks like. Whether you have beach weather or snowman weather, a snowman sensory bottle is a versatile winter activity for kids to make with you. 

Cute Pine Cone Owl Craft

how to make pine cone owls

Whoo knew it could be so fun to make an owl for a winter art project? The best part about this one is that they don’t have to be made just for winter… you could spray paint the pine cones (let it dry) and switch up the colors of every part of these cute little owls to really show some creativity. Take it even further with colorful cotton balls by using this tutorial too.

Photo Eskimo Craft

Eskimo winter craft for kids.

Turn your little ones into an Eskimo in an instant with this fun Eskimo craft for kids. I don’t know about your kids, but my kids go absolutely crazy and giddy with excitement when they get to do a craft that has their face on it.

No-Sew Rainbow Fleece Scarf

No Sew Simple Scarf tutorial.

This no-sew rainbow scarf made from fleece is the perfect birthday or holiday gift kids can make! Included is a How-to video AND printable instructions.

Footprint Penguin

ootprint-penguin winter crafts for toddlers-1

Winter is the perfect season to create Footprint Penguin art with acrylic paint, canvas, and a cozy sock-covered foot from a child you love. This simple keepsake craft requires minimal supplies, involves less clean up and is fun for crafters of all ages. It’s a perfect winter crafts idea for toddlers!

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Fluffy Snow Slime Recipe


Are you ready to make The Best Super Fluffy Snow Slime Recipe Ever? If you are looking for a fun winter activity that your kids will love, DIY fluffy snow is the answer. This snow slime recipe looks like real snow, and it is just as much fun to play with. Your children will love squeezing it, rolling it, pulling it and squishing it for hours of fun.

How to Make a Snow Globe in a Mason Jar

How to make a snow globe with a mason jar winter kids craft.

If you love Snow Globes and the nostalgia they bring, then this is the craft for you! It’s more of a craft for big kids unless you want to supervise…but hey, it’s all quality time in my book.

Snowball Surprise Soap

soap snow winter kid activity

No melting, pouring or measuring. This snowball surprise soap is SO easy to make! Hide a small toy inside for this fun snowball surprise soap! This is a super fun winter art project for preschoolers and up.

Adorable Wine Cork Melted Snowman Crafts For Kids

Melted-Snowman-Wine-Cork-Craft-for-Kids snowman crafts for kids

This melted snowman is a fun winter art project. It’s so simple when you just have them put it together… this is a perfect activity for toddlers.

Painted Penguin Rocks

Penguin-Painted-Rocks winter crafts for preschooler winter art projects

This adorable family of Penguin Painted Rocks are easily one of our favorite winter painted rock ideas and an easy kids craft for all ages! 


In conclusion, these winter crafts offer a delightful blend of creativity, learning, and family bonding.

The 12 crafts we’ve explored in this article, ranging from playful snow globes to snowball soap, provide a diverse array of options to suit every interest and skill level.

These activities not only capture the essence of the season but also encourage kids to develop their artistic abilities and imagination.

As the winter winds blow outside, these crafts turn time indoors into moments of joy and creativity.

So, grab your glue sticks, scissors, and a sprinkle of winter magic, and embark on a crafting journey that will not only decorate your home but also create cherished memories with your little ones.

Remember, each craft is more than just a project; it’s a story of winter wonder waiting to be told.

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winter crafts for preschoolers
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