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Cute Unicorn Craft For Kids

I have been wanting to make a cute unicorn craft project with my kids for a while, and we finally got around to it and had so much fun making it! I decided that I should probably share this fun little project with you too.

Cute Unicorn Craft For Kids.
Cute Unicorn Craft For Kids.

Paper plate crafts are a fun and inexpensive way to make a simple unicorn, which is the kind of craft project I need considering the fact that I have four unicorn-loving kids…it could get expensive really fast and really easily if I’m not careful.

This cute unicorn craft for kids is just the ticket because it requires cheap, basic, arts and crafts supplies.

How to make a unicorn.

I’m going to share with you the simple video tutorial, followed by a little diy tutorial of still images so that you can see everything a little bit more clearly and so that you can work at your own pace.

List of supplies needed to make this Unicorn DIY:

  • Paper Plates
  • Scissors
  • Tacky Crafting Glue
  • Googly Eyes (optional)
  • Marker (for drawing closed eyes)
  • Craft Paper In Color Of Choice
  • Foam Stickers For Decoration
  • Stapler With Staples(optional)

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Here are the craft supplies all laid out:

We start out by freehand cutting out the basic shape of two ears and a horn…I’m sure that you could easily find a template online if it makes you nervous trying to freehand.

Then we attach the ears and the nose to the paper plate. Notice that the horn is on the front of the plate and the ears are on the back?

I used a stapler to securely attach these, but you can use crafting glue if you have the patience and time to let it dry.

Next, we cut some colored construction paper into strips.

This part is super fun to switch things up and really show each crafter’s individuality and personality by what colors they use to create their unicorn’s mane.

Flip the paper plate horn side down and attach the strips of paper, with crafting glue, along half of the plate to create the mane.

Use a marker to draw some closed eyes, or you can attach some large googly eyes.

To cover up the staples used to attach the ears and horn we used foam stickers.

Last, all you do is cut out a large heart in your construction paper color of choice, glue it to the lower half of the paper plate and use more foam stickers to create the nostrils and mouth.

See! Just a few steps to make this simple and easy unicorn that will make the kids really excited.

It’s definitely one of the simpler unicorn arts and crafts.

Which is probably why it was so popular with both my kids and myself…it doesn’t make a huge mess, keeps them happy, they are cheap to make, AND they’re super cute!

I think it’s safe to say that we all got our unicorn fix in for the day…lol.

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Cute Unicorn Craft For Kids.

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Simple unicorn paper plate kids craft.
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