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Beauty And The Beast Rose Craft

Kids and adults alike will have fun creating this “floating” rose arts & crafts project. Make your own Beauty And The Beast Rose in a glass case with this step-by-step tutorial for the intermediate level crafter.

Beauty and the beast rose craft.
Beauty and the Beast Rose Craft.

I came up with these little Beauty And The Beast Rose Crafts around the time that Emma Watson graced the silver screen as Belle.

I was trying to figure out something fun and original to do with my girls and had the idea while walking around a Dollar Tree store.

This project turned out to be really fun. It was just the ticket that kept us all busy and using our imaginations… and it could be perfect for you too if you are looking for a fun and fresh idea for craft time or a themed party.

They are fairly easy to make, and are perfect for kids between eight and twelve years old and up.

I suggest that age-range because my eight year old caught right on and took off with little instruction, but I had to guide my six year old quite a bit…plus, I don’t really like letting younger kids work with hot glue as it’s a higher burn risk and requires good coordination.

Anyway, I made a pretty in depth tutorial and try to tell you where  I got everything to make them. They are a fairly inexpensive craft but may be a little more than some of you want to spend on an everyday craft, so save the idea for your kids birthday party if that is the case.

Just remember to see what you have on hand that will work first and buy in bulk to keep the cost down.

My tutorial is as step by step as I could manage…but I think that between my pictures and the guidance that I provide you should have no problem figuring out how to make them yourself…heck, you might even have a better way to do some of the steps than I did.

How to make this Beauty And The Beast Floating Rose DIY project:

Here I have everything laid out and ready to go:

Supplies needed to make a craft beauty and the beast rose glass case craft.

Let me start you out with a supply list for the floating rose in glass case. Here’s what I used:

Here we go…for reals now ;).

We started off with the little wooden circles and I just used my multi-colored sharpies to let the kids color them however they wanted. These served as a base for the craft.

They were coloring on my canvas drop cloth at first, but we soon moved the project to the table.

The glass case to go over the floating rose was made using a plastic wine glass…which is did get at Dollar Tree.

I drilled a hole in the “bottom” (I say that because it is used for the top of the craft) of the glass so that there is a place to feed the string through.

If you are going to be making these at a party or something it may be a good idea to pre-drill the holes. I found it easiest to drill through from inside the “glass”…it gives you much better control.

Next, you’ll need a ribbon rose pick (add to your Amazon cart here), clear thread or fishing line, a needle, and some crappy scissors… don’t use your nice scissors since you will be cutting through metal and will ruin them with this project.

Take a piece of clear string (I used a thicker, not quite so clear string so that you all could see it better in the pictures for the tutorial but I recommend fishing line for it to look the best and most “invisible” so the rose looks like it’s actually floating) and feed it through the hole.

The string will need to be between 12 and 18 inches long.

I wanted to show you what the package of ribbon rose picks looks like so you know what to expect. I mentioned that you can get them at Joann’s in the bridal section, or here on Amazon.

Using the bottom part of the string that has been fed through the wine glass, I threaded the needle and then pierced through the top part of the rose.

Then pulled it through making sure not to pull the string all the way out of the top of the wine glass.

Next you tie a big knot with the string on the back of the rose…you can hide your knot within the petals of the rose if you’d like.

Then trim the excess string next to the knot.

Now you tug on the top part of the string to decide where you want the rose to float. This also tells you how long you need to cut the tip of the rose to make sure that it is “floating”.

Once it is where you want it, hold the string in place and glue it there.

Let the glue cool/harden/cure. Then trim the excess string from the top.

Now it’s time to glue the “glass” to the base. I made a thin ring with hot glue, on the plastic, and then centered it on to the base.

Make sure to work quickly since the glue sets fast.

It doesn’t look so great with all that glue blobbed on there, so what did we do…add even more glue ;).

Of course it was to glue on the pipe cleaner to pretty it up a bit.

We finished the project off by adding a little bit more pipe cleaner and putting a little jewel on the top.

I think that they turned out pretty cute, what do you think?

I cheated when I made my own and used some silver spray paint for the base… coloring with a sharpie on wood didn’t appeal to me so I used some paint that I had on hand…

The kids have loved them so much and put them in their room for a princess themed decoration.

Within a week of making them the only issue that we had is a single arose falling after the kids had been throwing one of them around…the others are still just “floating” all day long. So basically, it will last as long as your kids let it be…the little stinkers.

Once the kids had been given instruction it took about 15-20 minutes to complete.

Beauty and the beast floating rose and case arts and crafts project.
Beauty And The Beast Rose Craft.

It’s definitely a fun project if you’re looking for Beauty And The Beast Arts And Crafts ideas.

At least I think so…and I may be a little biased…ha ha.

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Beauty and the beast floating rose diy craft.
Beauty and the beast craft activities...rose in glass case. Perfect for a party craft idea.

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