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How to advertise on

Lifeshouldcostless currently has an exclusive contract with Mediavine, and they handle all of the selling and negotiating and contracting of filling ad space. So, if you want to advertise on this site, that is where you need to go. Make sure to contact them here.

How to contact the creator for a question or permission to share content:

If you would like to contact Sarah for a general question, or for permission to use some of her content, please email her at lifeshouldcostless (at) outlook (dot) com (obviously use the symbols).  Please keep in mind that as a single mom, Sarah’s kids are her number one priority so it may take a few days to get back to you. You can also message Sarah on linkedin, here.

For guest posts and those looking for backlinks: Sarah currently does all of the writing for her own website and only mentions products and brands (and their websites) that she actually uses and loves… & would like to keep it that way for the time being to create a more genuine, trusting, space for her readers.

Please don’t send multiple emails asking to guest post or begging for a backlink. Sarah literally get hundreds of emails per week asking for a backlink, and they go unanswered. Currently the only way to earn a link on this site is to make amazing content, and she may find it herself organically.

Thank you for your interest in! ~Sarah