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15 Fun St Patrick’s Day Art And Craft Ideas

There is lots of enjoyment and creativity to be had for everyone at different skill levels with these 15 Fun St Patrick’s Day Art and Craft Ideas for kids.

14 Fun St. Patricks Day Art & Craft Ideas

I’ve got some super fun St Patrick’s Day Art and craft ideas for you all from toddler, preschool, to elementary level skills, so there is definitely something to keep everyone busy.

We are going to just jump right into this fun list of crafts/activities for St. Patty’s Day!

*Keep in mind that the title to each craft is the link to where you need to go to learn how to make it.*

1. Easy Leprechaun Handprint Craft

Easy Leprechaun handprint st patricks day craft for toddlers.

A simple leprechaun paper craft that kids will love to make.

2. Edible St Patrick’s Day Green Slime

St patricks day slime allergy friendly (1)

Celebrate the greenest holiday with a little leprechaun fun! Make this Edible St. Patrick’s Day Slime for Kids. I enjoyed any type of edible craft as a kid, so I just had to include this one.  

3. DIY St Patrick’s Day Window Clings

DIY St patricks day window clings craft

This adorable DIY St. Patrick’s Day window clings craft is perfect for preschool age and up! They require only a few supplies and are so easy to make!

Don’t forget that you can make window clings for any holiday, season, or occasion, so let this tutorial be a guide for any type of creativity that you may want to have.

4. Rainbow Canvas Tissue Paper Craft For Kids

St. patricks day rainbow tissue paper craft for kids

Not only is this rainbow kids craft fun and easy to make, but it’s super affordable as well. Also, it’s the kind of kid’s art project that will take a bit of time to make, which makes it an excellent activity for a rainy day.

5. How To Make A Dot Painted Shamrock Rock

St patricks day rock painting ideas

Learn this easy way to make dot painted stones. This one is shaped like a shamrock for St Patrick’s Day.

6. How To Make Easy DIY Shamrock Shaped Homemade Soap

DIY CLover shaped soap,  How to make shamrock easy homemade soap recipe

Make these fun shamrock soaps — easy, fun to use, and also great for gift. Don’t forget that you can use this tutorial as a guide for any color/style of soap that you may want to make for any occasion as well too.

7. Edible Green Playdough Recipe

Edible play dough recipe.

This edible St. Patrick’s Day Jello playdough is not only fun to play with, but tasty as well. Your kids will love cutting out shamrocks and eating their tasty creations…& yep, you guessed it… just change up the food coloring color/ mix ins and make it in any color you want for other holidays as well.

8. How To Make A Leprechaun Trap

How To Make A Leprechaun Trap.

If you’re looking for an easy St Patrick’s day craft, building your own leprechaun trap is the perfect STEM activity. Kids will love each creating their own unique leprechaun trap for St Patrick’s day. 

9. St Patrick’s Day Coin Toss Games For Kids

St patricks day coin toss games for kids. Arts and craft idea.

These homemade St. Patrick’s Games are so easy to make that your kids can help you – or maybe even make them on their own depending on their ages. Not only are they easy to make but they use supplies from around your house or the dollar store so they are inexpensive too. 

10. Popsicle Stick Leprechaun Art and Craft Idea For Kids

How to make a leprechaun with popsicle sticks st patricks day art and craft.

This bushy-bearded leprechaun is the perfect St. Patrick’s Day craft for kids of all ages from toddler, to preschooler, to elementary school aged kids. Heck! I wouldn’t even mind making one because just looking at them make me smile.

11. St Patrick’s Day Top Hat Craft For Kids

Leprechaun hat making tutorial for st patricks day kid craft.

These cute leprechaun top hats are the perfect craft to get your little ones into the St Patty’s Day spirit.

12. Shamrock Wand Craft Tutorial

How to make a shamrock wand kids arts and crafts for St Patricks Day.

This shamrock wand is such a fun St. Patrick’s Day craft for toddlers and preschoolers! Young children will really get into the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day as they whizz their shamrock craft through the air. 

13. Whimsical Rainbow Shaker Wand

Rainbow shaker wand tutorial.

Are you searching for fun paper towel tube crafts for kids? This DIY Whimsical Rainbow Shaker wand is easy to make at home or in the classroom.

14.  Kid-Made Shamrock Photo Card

Shamrock photo card craft for st. patricks day.

This spinning kid-made shamrock photo card is a cute and easy St. Patrick’s Day greeting card! A fun project to make at home or in the classroom with simple craft supplies.

15. Paper Bag Leprechaun Tutorial

This paper bag puppet is an easy and fun craft project for kids from toddler to preschool to kindergarten or older. All will have a blast making this Leprechaun Puppet for your St Patrick’s Day Craft.

St patricks day art and craft ideas

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15 Fun St. Patricks Day Art & Craft Ideas for kids.
Craft projects for children on St Patricks Day.