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How To Support or Any Of Your Favorite Bloggers Or Website Owners.

Helping a blogger succeed is actually easier than you may think and doesn’t always have to cost you a single cent, though many people don’t really know what actually helps.

So, as I do with everything, I thought that I could give you guys a little insight.

Here are just a few ways you can support your favorite blogger or website owner:

  • Share their posts to social media, don’t just like it and/or comment. Sharing really is caring because it helps content be found much faster than just leaving it up to a google or Pinterest search, and it can help it go viral much much faster.
  • Stick around their site as long as possible…the more content you read, the time you spend on the pages, it legitimately helps.
  • Follow along on every form of social media that they have.
  • If they suggest a product and you go to purchase it, do so in a timely manner, because many times if it hangs out in your “Amazon” shopping cart too long, they lose the commission after a certain number of days.
  • Cut back on direct messages that are going to require a lengthy response, or many back and forth interactions… don’t get me wrong, we website owners love to hear from our followers and totally need love and encouragement…but what many followers don’t realize is that the bigger the website, the more followers, and the more people that would like a response to their message. When a website owner is spending all their time answering emails and questions, it gives them less time to make more awesome content that you are going to love even more, plus, lots of websites actually hire someone to answer emails, so you may not even be talking to the actual creator like you thought. Small interactions on social media are the biggest help.
  • If you see an advertisement that you’re genuinely interested in, don’t hesitate to go check it out, in another window or tab, and then come back to the website when you’re through.
  • Look around on their site for a moment, you may actually see a way to donate to their Paypal /Venmo/or some other direct way to tip them for their help.
  • Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe to their email list…and make to to open them!

Maybe it’s weird that I spelled it out for you, but I think that it helps people to know how it works on the other end of the user experience.

If you would like to do any of the things listed above to show your support to, here is a list of my resources:

Here is where you can find me on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or here is how to Subscribe To My Emails List.

I mostly only sell products through Amazon, so if you purchase something that I suggest, remember that the cost to you remains the same, but I make a small commission on everything in your cart. Also, if you ever need to buy it again, you can always come back to my site for the link…just sayin’;).

If something was particularly helpful and you would like to donate directly to my site, you can do so via PayPal, here. I’m a single mom of four, so every little bit helps. Thanks again!~Sarah