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Lemon Berry Fluff Salad

This Lemon Berry Fluff Salad is not only low-fat and high in protein, with the perfect blend of greek yogurt, berries, Lemon Instant Jello Pudding Mix, and whipped topping…but it is also absolutely delicious if I do say so myself. This particular fluffy salad has been raved about at every gathering/party that I have ever taken it to, so be prepared to share this recipe if you take this yummy dessert anywhere.

lemon fluff salad dessert recipe with fruit/berries
Lemon Berry Fluff Salad.

About this recipe

If you are in need of a salad idea for a family gathering, church function, party, or pot luck, this recipe will for sure be your new go-to.

It’s creamy, delicious, packed full of protein, quite versatile, & only takes a few minutes to throw together. It’s a total win in my book!

This fruit fluff salad recipe is so easy, you can make it in five minutes. Crazy right?!

I think it is pretty much everything that you could ever want packed into one simple recipe.

A good fifteen plus years ago, a friend shared their version of a lemon fluff salad with me. It was really good, but as always, I just had change a few things up a bit to make it exactly the way that I wanted it.

(I needed to lighten it up a bit and increase the protein content too which is something I worry about after having lost and maintained over 100 lbs of weight loss)

Those little changes paid off, this is one of my top five most popular recipes on my entire website.

The true test to see if this lemon berry dessert is as good as I say that it is, is for you to make it yourself and give it a taste

Though I assure you that you will want more than one serving, and possibly even more than two 😉 I dare you to not lick the bowl clean of this lemon fluff dessert!

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How to make it (video and photo tutorial)

Here are the ingredients all laid out for the fruit fluff salad.

Nonfat Plain Greek Yogurt, Mixed Berries, Instant Lemon Jello Pudding Mix, and Cool Whip/Whipped Topping.

Ingredients for fluff salad dessert recipe.

In a large mixing bowl, I use this one which is a four quart bowl, add your whipped topping and greek yogurt. Make sure to mix them well.

lemon pudding salad recipe. fluff salad.

Then I add the Instant Lemon Jello Pudding Mix.

Fluff dessert
Lemon pudding fruit salad.

Fruit fluff salad

Fruit fluff salad. lemon pudding salad recipe.

Next we add our frozen mixed berries… you could use fresh, frozen is just a much more practical and year-round option for many of us.

Jello fluff salad Fruit salad with lemon pudding and cool whip.

Mix well and you’re done! Can you believe this 5 minute fluff salad is THAT easy?

Fruit salad with lemon pudding.

“What is fluff salad?”

Basically, fluff salad refers to any “fluffy” salad that is made with a cool whip/whipped topping/whipped cream as a main ingredient… that’s the simple answer.

There, of course, are many variations of fluff salads, but my favorite ones always tend to have berries in them, which is why I created this recipe.

Fluff dessert recipe. Lemon fluff recipe. lemon pudding fruid salad recipe.

Keep in mind that the more you mix it, the more purple it’s going to look.

Easy Fluff salad recipe. Lemon Pudding fruit salad.  Best fruit fluff salad recipe.

5 minute fluff salad.

Fluff dessert lemon pudding fruit/berry salad recipe with lemon instant pudding mix.

Easy fluff salad recipes Fruit fluff salad recipe.

What is fluff salad

Recipe card found here

Easy fluff salad recipes

Lemon Berry Fluff Salad Recipe

Yield: 24 Servings
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes

Lemon Berry Fluff Salad is low-fat & high in protein, with a blend of greek yogurt, berries, jello pudding mix, & whipped topping. It has been raved about at every gathering/party that I have ever taken it to.


  • 32 Oz. Plain Greek Yogurt (low or fat-free)
  • 16 Oz. Whipped Topping/Cool Whip
  • 1 & 1/2 (3.4 oz) Packages Lemon INSTANT Pudding Mix (dry)
  • 2 LBS Frozen Mixed Berries


    How to make this lemon fluff dessert recipe:

    1. In a four quart (or larger) mixing bowl, add the Greek Yogurt and Whipped Topping, mix well.
    2. Add the Instant Lemon Pudding Mix (dry). Mix well.
    3. Add the frozen berries. Mix well.
    4. Cover and chill until ready to serve. Mix once prior to serving.


This fruit salad with lemon pudding and cool whip tastes best when it was prepared at least an hour prior to serving.

*Remember that each time you mix it, it will get darker in color and that's totally normal as the berries melt.*

This recipe tastes best when eaten within two or three days of preparation. It will get a little runnier each day as the berries melt and the Cool Whip gets less frothy over time.

Nutrition Information
Yield 20 Serving Size 1
Amount Per Serving Calories 130Total Fat 6gSaturated Fat 5gTrans Fat 0gUnsaturated Fat 1gCholesterol 3mgSodium 43mgCarbohydrates 14gFiber 2gSugar 10gProtein 6g

These caloric amounts are automatically estimated by a plugin on my site and should be considered an estimate.

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I forgot to tell you guys that when I brought this to a party a while back, someone told me that it looked & tasted like something that would be in a magazine. 

That was sure sweet of them, and maybe that’s a little out of my reach…but we can share it and get the circulation magazine level ;)…hint hint.

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lemon fluff salad recipe. fruit salad, berry salad.lemon pudding salad recipe
Lemon Berry Fluff Salad Recipe.

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Fruit salad made with lemon pudding and cool whip

Lemon berry fluff salad recipe with cool whip, greek yogurt, lemon pudding, and mixed berries.

High protein lemon berry fluff salad recipe with greek yogurt, lemon pudding, and a delicious mix of berries.

*Reposts: Please note that this idea/post was originally shared on this website on 06/20/2016, but it was in great need of a refresh so it now is more user friendly/shareable, has a free printable recipe card and a video tutorial too.

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