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What does 100 Pound Weight Loss look like on a woman? (w/Before & After Pictures & Video )

A 5’7 woman, mother of four, shares her before and after pictures from her one hundred pounds of weight loss journey. A great visualization of what 100 pound weight loss looks like on a woman to keep you on track with your own fitness goals. Please note that these fitness results were through diet and exercise alone, without any type of surgery.

weight loss success stories 100 pounds on a woman
What does 100 Pound Weight Loss look like on a woman? (w/Before And After Pictures).

Keep in mind, that I am not done with my fitness journey, I actually would like to chisel out (lose) another 18-28 more pounds of fat (to have defined abs).

I do think it is very healthy and very motivating to share where I am and have maintained, within a few pounds, for about eighteen months thus far.

I’m only sharing these pictures because I feel like when I was in the process of losing one hundred pounds, and struggling SO hard sometimes.

Llooking at other people’s before and after pictures was extremely beneficial in keeping me motivated to keep picking myself back up and hitting my fitness goals along the way.

For those of you that have never been to my blog, you should know that I have been battling binge eating disorder (here’s a link to the post that I wrote about how to overcome it) since I was 20 years old.

So I feel like it is even more important for me to share that it is not only possible to overcome such an affliction, but it is also possible to find peace and balance with food and eating in general.

So, what does it look like for a female to lose 100 lbs?

Before and after weight loss pictures 100 pounds:

At my heaviest, and for the bulk of my twenties, I was at or around 290 pounds.

Yes, I am aware that my current weight of around 185-190 lbs still seems like an awful lot to some, but I also know that since I have been strength training three days a week for the past several years (& have not missed a single workout) and eat a high protein diet, it has given me a lot of lean muscle.

So I am a lot heavier than I look (at least the fact that I wear the same size clothes as many of my friends that weigh around 150 lbs is a good indicator of that).

Remember as you’re on your own fitness journey that it is extremely important to take body composition into account when you are both judging, and weighing yourself because progress is progress even if the scale isn’t budging, sometimes you’re still building muscle and losing inches while you are at it and that deserves credit/praise too.

100 lb weight loss transformation

I decided to make you guys a silly little YouTube video to show you the motivating pictures, but there are still images down below as well for you to look at too.

I feel like side-by-side images of the before and after pictures is the only way to really show you how drastic of a difference it is to lose one hundred pounds.

So I put them together a bit in collage form…but that is also so that internet trolls don’t steal my pictures without permission.

My photo’s are only allowed to be shared with both permission, as well as not removing my watermarks, and I require a “do follow” link back to this blog post (fyi, and that includes with YouTube video embeds as well).

*Please note, that my photo’s are completely unedited beyond basic adjustments for lighting…and I really wasn’t planning on sharing any of them with the world when they were taken…otherwise things would have been cleaner…lol.*

What does 100 pounds of weight loss look like in your face?

I had to show you the before and after weight loss difference in my face too. Getting healthy, and losing 100 lbs of fat, is easily the best thing that I could have done for my overall sense of wellbeing and happiness in general and I think that the side by side pictures speak volumes for themselves. It’s also why you should never give up on yourself, no matter how overwhelming the task ahead seems to be. You can do it too!!!5 ft 7 female what 100 lbs of weight loss looks like in your face

What does female weight loss of 100 pounds look like full body?

This is a 5’7″ female in her 30’s after having had four babies and battling binge eating disorder for 17 years. full body what does 100 pounds of weight loss look like on a womanwhat does 100 pounds look like on a womanweight loss success stories 100 pounds on a woman (800 × 800 px)

How long does it take to lose 100 lbs?

I lost the bulk of my weight in my 100 pound weight loss transformation in about four months of really buckling down and putting my health as the top priority…However, it has taken me about four years of getting to the root cause of the binge eating, doing a year of therapy to get my thoughts and attitude in a healthy place (& healing from some trauma), and then the rest has just been developing healthy habits along the way. I wrote about the entire process pretty extensively in my free fitness series, so make sure to check it out.

What does a woman look like in a bikini swimsuit after 100 pound weight loss?

There’s a common misconception about extreme weight loss…it doesn’t always lead to a body that has lots of loose skin. This is what a mom of four looks like in a bikini after having lost 100 lbs so far…later on I will share my skincare routine on how I got my skin to stay tight, so make sure that you’re subscribed to my email list so you don’t miss that future post.
what does a woman look like in a bikini swimsuit after 100 pound weight loss

What does 100 lbs of weight loss look like from the side?

what does 100 pounds of weight loss look like from the side

What I really hope that you all take away from this post is knowing that it is possible to make a drastic change for the better to improve not just how you look and feel, but to transform your entire life for the better.

What truly drove me to figure out fitness in general, and doing it the right way without surgery or a cosmetic procedure of any kind, is the fact that I am a mother of four daughters.

I knew that I had to let them watch me try, and fail, and keep picking myself up again and again until I finally figured it out.

Now, my hope is that my children will never have to struggle with their weight/fitness the way that I did, because we talk about and incorporate a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis, so they are just plain not going to be as clueless as I was.

Plus, of course, if my “little women” ever need a fitness refresher, they will have my free fitness series as a guide to help them along the way too.

What’s in store for me now? Well, I’m going to keep pushing myself until I reach the best, most healthy, version of myself possible.

I’m going to share as much of it as I can bring myself to along the way (I struggle with sharing certain things, my journey was super painful on an emotional level).

I would also love to keep improving myself and sharing my story, helping others reach their goals too…I have a silly goal to someday be featured on the cover of a magazine such as Women’s Health, Women’s World, or even Shape. Fingers crossed that it happens someday!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and supporting my endeavors to make people’s lives a little easier/better/more affordable. If you liked this cleaning hack post, or found it helpful in any way, please make sure to share it with your family, friends, and co-workers via social media.

Or you could even send them the direct link via email. Whichever way you choose to spread the love, I super appreciate it! ~Sarah

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