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Hey there! Welcome to what I’m hoping is one of the most life-changing pages you ever discover.

About my free extreme weight loss fitness series.

This is basically a guide of everything that I wish that I had known about fitness from adolescents on… I was always a bit clueless when it came to my diet/exercise and always the chubby girl. Then in late 2005 that cluelessness began to develop into full-on binge eating disorder, and I frequently hovered around 290 pounds for about 15 years. Often looking like this (wearing US women’s clothing sizes 2XL tops & 18/20 pants):

5'7" adult female before extreme weight loss and overcoming binge eating disorder.
I do not grant anyone use of these photos at this time.

I struggled so much harder than anyone ever should have to to figure it all out, but here I am, years later permanently maintaining a healthy body fat percentage. Now I look like this (or smaller) at any given time (wearing US Women’s Size S/M shirts & Size Curvy 4 Pants…this is after having had four babies too):

5'7" adult female after losing and maintaining over 100 pounds of weight loss. What 23% body fat looks like on a female.
I do not grant anyone permission to use these photos at this time.

I have decided that I am making it one of my main missions in life to help others figure out their own fitness journeys too, so that we can all fight back against fitness illiteracy/ the obesity epidemic, and live our healthiest lives.

I will be guiding you through my fitness journey of overcoming Binge Eating Disorder to lose, and maintain well over 100 lbs of fat loss. I will also be teaching you all of my secrets that will give you a scorching fast metabolism in no time.

The best part is, that I teach you how to lose weight as inexpensively as possible…like literally, you don’t even need a gym membership to have a flat tummy.

Here are the pics to the corresponding posts (both the picture and the title has a direct link to the post). I wrote them in order of importance, and am still in the process of writing the series. Remember to check back often so that you never miss something.

Step 1: How to overcome binge eating disorder:

Step 2: How to understand fitness in general:

Step 3: Everything you need to know about fitness journaling:

Step 4 : What you actually need to know about strength training:

Step 5: Why drinking enough water needs to become part of your daily fitness routine:

Step 6: Intermittent Fasting For Long Term Weight Loss:

Step 7: How to be more physically active your everyday life:

Step 8: How much protein do I need for weight loss?:

Step 10: The Skinny On Carbs And Weight Management

Step 11: The Importance Of A High Protein Breakfast

Why you need to eat breakfast for weight loss.

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