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BIG List Of Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Preppers, Outdoorsmen, & Campers

In the world of preppers, outdoorsmen, and campers, there’s no such thing as being too prepared. Whether you’re gearing up for an adventurous camping trip, honing your survival skills, or just love spending time in the great outdoors, having the right tools and gear at your disposal can make all the difference. As the holiday season approaches, what better way to show your fellow outdoor enthusiasts that you care than by stuffing their stockings with practical and thoughtful gifts? In this comprehensive article, we’ve curated a big list of stocking stuffer ideas designed to delight preppers, outdoorsmen, and campers alike. So, whether you’re shopping for loved ones or treating yourself, dive into our list and discover the perfect stocking stuffers for the “enthusiasts” in your life.

stocking stuffers for campers

I always say to start small and work your way up, so this list of stocking stuffers that I’ve been thinking about will be priced from the least inexpensive to the most expensive – meaning that there should be at least one item that everyone can afford on there.

Even if you can only afford one or two little things, you gotta start somewhere and you will be better off than you were before.

Many of these products are more for teens/adults but there are some things on there for little kids too.

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Survival gear stocking stuffers

We’re just going to jump right into the list, here goes:

  • Mini first aid kit
  • Waterproof matches
  • Pocket-sized multi-tool
  • Compact flashlight or headlamp
  • Emergency whistle
  • Mylar emergency blankets
  • Paracord or survival bracelet

  • Mini fire starter
  • Compact water filter or purification tablets
  • Miniature hand-crank radio
  • Small bottle of hand sanitizer
  • Compact sewing kit
  • Duct tape rolls
  • Space-saving compression bags
  • Pocket-sized survival guidebook
  • Portable solar charger for gadgets

  • Multi-purpose carabiner tool
  • Miniature solar oven
  • Reusable heat packs
  • Emergency candles
  • Compact fire extinguisher
  • Mini hand warmers
  • Keychain thermometer
  • Compact camp cookware set
  • Pocket-sized toolset
  • Collapsible water container
  • Compact emergency toilet paper rolls
  • Emergency cash stash

  • Miniature fireproof safe
  • Small waterproof notepad and pen
  • Pocket-sized tactical pen
  • Miniature tactical flashlight
  • Compact binoculars
  • Miniature folding shovel
  • Solar-powered lantern
  • Pocket-sized signal mirror
  • Mini weatherproof notecards
  • Compact folding saw
  • Stainless steel camping mug
  • Mini carabiner set

  • Portable water heater coil
  • Emergency food bars
  • Portable coffee or tea bags
  • Mini bottles of spirits
  • Energy gels or chews
  • Small bottle opener
  • Pocket-sized hot sauce keychain
  • Freeze-dried snacks
  • Beef jerky or meat sticks
  • Compact spice kit

Stocking stuffer ideas for outdoorsmen or campers

Some may be the same as above because they work for both, but others won’t be.

  • Compact multi-tool or Swiss Army knife
  • Paracord bracelet or keychain
  • Miniature pocket-sized compass
  • Waterproof matches or fire starter
  • LED flashlight or headlamp
  • Pocket-sized first aid kit
  • Hand / toe warmers

  • Compact binoculars
  • Miniature portable fishing kit
  • Compact camping utensil set
  • Small camping cookware, like a foldable pot or cup
  • Microfiber towels
  • Whistle with a built-in thermometer and compass
  • Small collapsible water bottle
  • Emergency space blanket or sleeping bag
  • Survival playing cards (with tips and tricks)

  • Campfire cooking recipes booklet
  • Pocket-sized field guide for local wildlife or plants
  • Insect repellent wipes or lotion
  • Miniature sunscreen or lip balm
  • Bear bell for safety in the wilderness
  • Compact saw or wire saw
  • Reusable waterproof bags or dry bags
  • Glow sticks
  • Collapsible camp shovel
  • Miniature spice shakers for camp cooking

  • Portable camping hammock
  • Campfire popcorn maker
  • Small portable camping chair
  • Miniature portable stove or burner
  • Outdoor-themed books or magazines
  • Duct tape or repair tape
  • Campfire marshmallow roasting sticks
  • Waterproof notepads and pens
  • Small fishing lures or hooks
  • Compact hand-crank or solar-powered radio
  • Carabiners or S-biners

  • Miniature portable water filter or purification tablets
  • Multi-purpose survival bandana
  • Small collapsible camping pillow
  • Micro-sized fire extinguisher
  • Outdoor-themed patches or badges
  • Miniature hiking trail maps
  • Outdoor-themed stickers
  • Miniature flask or hip flask
  • Portable campfire grill or grate
  • Outdoor-themed ornaments
  • Compact snowshoes (for winter outdoor enthusiasts)
  • Miniature field sewing kit

These stocking stuffer ideas are sure to delight any nature enthusiast/prepper/outdoorsman and enhance their adventures.

Choose items based on their specific interests and activities to make the gift even more special.

I’ve been compiling this list the last couple of weeks and I’m sure I left off some good ones, but I bet there are some on there that you may not have thought of.

Anyway, obviously they won’t all fit in the same stocking, unless it was large enough to fit a whole human in… Get a little more prepared and everyone have a safe and Merry Christmas! ~Sarah

*Make sure you’re buying age appropriate stocking stuffers*


As we wrap up our exploration of the extensive list of stocking stuffer ideas for preppers, outdoorsmen, and campers, one thing becomes abundantly clear: the spirit of adventure and preparedness is alive and well in those who cherish the great outdoors.

The items we’ve covered here not only make for thoughtful and practical gifts but also serve as a testament to the indomitable spirit of those who find solace, excitement, and serenity in nature’s embrace.

Whether it’s a trusty multi-tool, a compact first aid kit, or a tiny yet mighty survival gadget, these stocking stuffers are more than just objects; they’re the embodiment of self-reliance and the readiness to tackle whatever challenges Mother Nature throws our way.

So, as the holiday season approaches, let your stockings overflow with these ingenious gifts, and may they bring warmth, safety, and unforgettable adventures to those who hold them dear.

Here’s to a season filled with exploration, camaraderie, and the thrill of the great outdoors!

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