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11 Unique DIY Planter Ideas

Joy can be found by thinking outside the box…the planter box that is. Check out these 11 Unique DIY planter ideas to really personalize your space.

11 Unique DIY Planter Ideas. Fun ideas to reuse and recycle.

I am a total sucker for a good DIY project…especially the ones that turn something old into something new. So, I’ve got a bunch of fun little unique planter ideas that I wanted to share with you to get those creative, and frugal, juices flowing.

1. How to make an upcycled planter out of anything:

Learn how to use your thrift store treasures as planters! Upcycle and find a new purpose.

2. DIY Gold & Concrete Succulent Planters:

How to make chic gold and concrete succulent planters to bring a touch of green to your home.

3. Easy Map Planter DIY:

Create your own souvenir with this simple DIY project using a complimentary Disneyland Park map (or a map from anywhere you go for that matter).  Here’s how to make a Disney Map Simple Planter.  No green thumbs required.

4. DIY Vertical Garden Wall Planter with Plans:

This DIY vertical garden planter wall allows you to grow tons of plants in a small footprint! Get the plans to make your own freestanding vertical garden and customize it to fit your space!

5. DIY Bird cage turned to flower planter:

This Birdcage Flower Planter is a beautiful staple for your garden or steps outside. You could even hang some of these off of a covered porch or some trees that are low enough to reach for watering.

6. How to build a privacy fence with built in planter boxes:

My favorite part about this planter is that it is built right into the fence! It looks great, adds functionality to the yard, and takes up way less space than it would if it were free-standing somewhere on its own.

7. How to make stenciled Flower pots:

how to stencil a flower pot

Make your own cheerful and colorful stenciled flower pots with this simple and fun tutorial.

8. DIY Porch Planter Box:

how to make easy wooden porch planters.

Want to add some life to your front porch? Download these easy DIY planter box plans and learn how to build these modern farmhouse planters. It’s easier than you may think.

9. How to upcycle/turn a chair into a planter:

chair turned flower planter

Repurpose old chair frames into a fun holder for potted flowers. Perfect for your garden, the front porch, or any place that you need a large item to fill up space but also be beautiful…it’s a great way to add a pop of color into your outdoor decor too.

10. How to make a faux copper planter:

faux copper planter tutorial

Create your own darling planter with items that you may already have on hand. 

11. Terra Cotta plant pot idea:

Dry brush a terra-cotta flower-pot for a fast and easy truly personalized gift for anyone that would love it.  You can also take it one step further and hand stamp words with an alphabet stamp too. 

That is all I have to share with y’all today. I hope you found a little bit of frugal and cute inspiration to pretty up your home with.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! Every page view helps me support my kids so I really do appreciate it.

Planter box ideas that are not typical.
11 Unique DIY Planter Ideas.

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