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Outdoor Light Fixtures Swap, Before And After.

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I would love to completely re-do the entire exterior of my home with cedar style shingles because I love the look so much, but it just isn’t very practical at this point in my financial life. So, in an effort to inexpensively make my home look a bit better, I decided that it was more than time to replace the yucky looking (yes, they needed a good washing but still would look outdated) old light fixtures on the exterior of my house.

Instead of buying the exact ones I wanted, I did “the middle range rule” (my spending self-control rule) and picked out something that was in between the price of the very cheapest fixtures, at the store, and what I really wanted. I found these ones, that are very similar to my true desire, at The Home Depot. They were actually about half the cost of the ones that I wanted and I am very happy with them. Doing “the middle range rule” on this particular item and not buying what I “just had to have” saved me around $200.

It’s ok to compromise, even if it’s with yourself, so that your budget will stretch even further. That savings that I just freed up in my budget should give me enough wiggle room to re-do the mulch in all of our planters (mulch is on sale in the fall, just an fyi). Woot Woot! Which will add even more curb appeal! 

Don’t you just love how swapping out my light fixtures also magically got rid of all the spider webs? Ha ha, needing to take pictures to show you guys really helps me get around to cleaning some things that I am behind on. I hope I gave you some ideas to stretch the ‘ol budget, or at least showed you that you can have something nice without it entirely breaking the bank! ~Sarah

P.S. if you didn’t catch the link to the light fixtures that I had my heart set on, you can find those here. They are gorgeous!

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