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Diaper Pails: Are not just for diapers, every home needs one.

We’ve had diaper pails in our home for the past 3+ years and I’ve found that they are so much more useful than just for diapers. In fact, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to my old ways of not having one around (even when we’re done having babies).  It’s so convenient to be able to pre-treat stained clothes, toss them into the pail, and leave them there until I can get to them. This means that there is no rushing about trying to get to the stains before they are set in. Once they are in the pail they continue to pre-treat until the pail is full and then just get washed with the diapers. I wish I had known that I could do this back when I had a newborn and was working 50+ hours a week. It would have saved me a considerable amount of time, headache, and money because there were so many baby outfits that ended up getting tossed. I just wasn’t able to get to them in time and couldn’t get the stains out.
The least expensive and best way I’ve found to pre-treat these clothes is to just spray them with my Sal-Suds spray bottle. Between spraying the Sal Suds on and allowing them to pre-treat for about a day, I’ve been able to get stains out that had previously been baked in by the dryer (Sal Suds is amazing!!! If you haven’t read my post on how I use it make sure to check it out by going here). I suggest using an Airtight Pet Food Container for your pail because most of the nicer diaper pails are quite expensive and don’t offer the option of different sizes. The pail will stay pretty clean if you make sure that any dirty or poopy parts are not touching the container.
This is the inside of our “diaper pail” that hasn’t been wiped out for about 6 months

 I’ve only had to wipe mine out about once every 8 months. That may sound nasty, but I do spray them with Lysol each time that I empty them (directly into the washing machine). Just thought I’d share something for you to think about to help save some stress.  
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