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33 Things About Me… On My 33rd Birthday

Guess what? It’s my Birfday today! Goodbye early 30’s, hello mid-thirties (insert sad face as my youth is being drained from me and the realization is sinking in…) For years I have been saying that I am going to start sharing more and more about me personally, but I usually end up chickening out. So I thought that it might be a fun change of pace to share a bunch of random facts about me, as an individual, that might help you all relate to me a little more or just to show you a little bit more of who I am as the person that is more often than not, hiding behind the camera on this website.  Some of these facts are deep and a little hard for me to share, and some are just my likes, dreams, or silly quirks that I have.

I’m also going to share a smattering of pictures that I took throughout the last year, just to break up the text a bit.

Here we go, in no particular order.

1. A silly pet peeve I have is that if I have socks on and I walk through a puddle of water, getting my socks wet… it really ticks me off for some reason. Especially if it’s a fresh pair of socks.

2. Every year on my birthday it is tradition that my family buys me a Costco Pumpkin Pie instead of a Birthday cake. There’s a reason my mom called me Sarah Pumpkin Pie when I was little…and you can’t beat the Costco Pumpkin Pie (but Mrs. Smith’s is a close second).

3. I am pretty blunt and open…and I think it scares people sometimes, lol. After I lost my spunky cousin Michon, many years ago, I decided that I needed to be better about expressing my feelings and telling people what they mean to me. I’m sure I get a little carried away sometimes.  I also hate beating around the bush, and prefer knowing where I stand with people so it’s faster in general to be this way.

4.My favorite color is a powder or baby teal, such as this.

5. I am a major worry wart! I worry about my kids from sun up ’til sun down and sometimes can’t sleep because I’m worrying about them.

6. My favorite flowers are Daffodils, especially the miniature ones, but I also like Daisies, Roses, Wisteria, and Lilacs.

7. I do not watch scary/horror movies…ever! I’m a total chicken and enjoy being able to sleep at night. That’s actually usually a deal-breaker for me if I’m dating someone that love’s horror movies and wants me to watch them too. I absolutely can’t do it.

8. I like to wear very little jewelry. It drives me nuts things jangling about or getting caught on things so I typically wear a cute pair of earrings and that’s about it. I do miss having a ring on my finger though.  

9. I believe in giving people the benefit of the doubt…a chance to tell their side of the story before I will believe anything negative that I didn’t see myself.  

10. I don’t affiliate or fully agree totally with any political party but am anti-abortion (there should be more options so that abortion doesn’t seem like a persons only way out especially in cases of rape), think that a person should earn their keep (welfare should only be used as a very last resort and then withdrawn as soon a person gets back on their feet), and I do like Firearms ( So I am pro responsible citizens being allowed to own as many firearms as they want) .

11. I am a single mom and have four awesome kids, yes they all have the same dad.

12. I feel like sometimes people think that I come off as stuck up or arrogant…but really, I’m shy in certain situations and sometimes I get wicked social anxiety. There have been times that when I am in a social setting that I am so anxious or nervous that I can’t even string an intelligent sentence together, like I’m on sensory overload… and it’s not weird for me to forget to ask someone how they’re doing just after they ask me how I’m doing… I seriously just forget and then kick myself later because of how it must have seemed…

13. I hated my red hair as a child and only learned to embrace it in my early 20’s…and now I love it and absolutely would never change it.

14.I am a little clumsy (broke my ankle jumping over a flower pot in the 8th grade) but it has improved significantly over the years.

15. I am an optimist…the vast majority of the time anyway.

16. I have really big dreams/aspirations, but more than anything, I would love to just be a mommy and doting wife and take care of my family…it just hasn’t been in the cards for me so I have had to make other plans in the meantime.

17. My eyes are hazel, blue/gray/green with some yellow and flecks of amber.

18. I love outdoorsy stuff…I love shooting, atv’s, fishing, hiking, and camping. Or just a nap in a hammock amongst the quaking aspens and pines and this girl is on cloud 9.

19. My top two love languages are Quality Time and Physical Touch.

20. I adore DIY projects and have a list a mile long of things I want to do when the budget, free time, and energy align.

21. I had Bell’s Palsy when I was 18. It makes you feel like you look like this…

The Beast from the movie Rigoletto (I love this movie).  Not joking, you feel HIDEOUS when you have this condition. This photo is not my property and was borrowed from httpsaeb85937.wordpress.com20180206day-11-month-of-movie-quotes-rigoletto-1993 .


22. I have really bad luck with horses so don’t much like to be around them… (have been bitten in the breast and back, kicked in the knee and stomach, and when I was around nine I hopped on the back of a wild one and it took off with me on it…my dad had to drive to save me. It was a little traumatic).

23. As an adult my income has ranged from poverty line (couldn’t afford milk or bread), to having the six figure earning spouse, and have been at every income level in between so I have oodles of perspective. Guess what folks? You have problems at every single income level and many are not worth the financial security…at least they weren’t for me.

24. My favorite chocolates are 100 Grand, Skor, Snickers With Almond, and Chocolate Covered Cinnamon Bears.

25. My favorite foods are Pasta or Pizza or MEAT! I consider myself a carnivore and could eat a burger or a steak any and every day of the week if it were good for my body…but it’s not so I try to limit it.

26. I’m not super girly and don’t paint my fingernails, almost ever. I think I have painted them twice in my entire adult life.

27. I’m a bit of a hopeless romantic… I dream about waking up to the love of my life every morning and pray that when I find him I will get to grow old with him and get to see all of our great-grandbabies together and rock them on a farmhouse porch.  

28. I’m not very adventurous when it comes to eating. I tend to get the same thing every time I go somewhere and I think that is because I’m frugal and will be disappointed if I order something and hate it and absolutely won’t order myself a second meal. I totally like trying other peoples food though to see if I want to order it next time… it’s a little bratty, I know.

29. My favorite restaurants are Cafe Zupas and Olive Garden.

30. I feel an overwhelming sense to do good in the world everyday…no strings attached, or praise needed, I just have to know that I am making a difference for the better in someone’s life which is what led me to start this blog. I think I got this trait from my mom. I can’t tell you how many times, when I was a kid, I saw her go out of her way to help others either temporally or just to brighten someone’s day.

31. I am LDS, or rather Mormon. I haven’t been a very good one these last couple of years, but I’m pretty sure that God will cut me some slack as I have been the victim of several crimes (one day I will be able to write about those experiences, but today is not that day) and that stuff messes you up mentally… PTSD is no fun, but I have finally worked my way through much of it and can feel God’s love in my life every single day.

32. I don’t care about clothing brands…if I think it’s cute, I wear it.  My purse I bought at the DI (a thrift store) years ago…it’s totally falling apart. Heck, I would still be wearing some of my shoes from the 90’s if they had held up…

33. I have suffered from Binge eating disorder nearly my entire adult life… been kicking it’s butt this year though and almost have it completely overcome now that I have been facing some of my emotional scars.


There you have it…33 random things about me. Maybe some of them helped you relate to me more, maybe they didn’t…but at least you can see that my life has been far from perfect and that I certainly have had my struggles.

I’m completely worn out, so I am going to leave  you all and get some rest. Make sure to look around the site. I’ve been working on this blog since July of 2011, and the site is currently averaging 1.5 Million views per year…there’s lots to look at so don’t be shy. Thanks so much for stopping by. ~Sarah


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