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Witch Coloring Pages (free printable PDF templates)

Step into the enchanting world of witch coloring pages, where imagination takes flight on the wings of magic and creativity knows no bounds. These fun illustrations bring to life the mystical realm of witches, casting a spell of wonder and adventure upon each stroke of color. Whether you’re seeking a whimsical pastime or a gateway into learning about the realm of fantasy, these witchy pages are a choice that promises to ignite your artistic spirit and transport you to a world where spells are spun with the flick of a brush…or colored pencil.

Witch Coloring Pages
Witch Coloring Pages (free printable PDF templates).

Feel free to choose any design you like, download the free complementary PDF template, and start coloring to your hearts content.

Alternately you can also use them for embroidery patterns or draw inspiration for fine line tattoos.

Witch facts

If you’re unfamiliar with my coloring pages, it’s important to understand that I enjoy offering you the choice to explore the topic.

This way, you can effortlessly transform the activity into an educational experience. Let’s begin!

Here are some fun and child-friendly facts about the folklore of witches, (here is a link to my resource):

  • Witches have long been associated with broomsticks, but did you know that it originated from the belief that witches could fly? According to legends, witches would use their broomsticks to travel through the night sky to secret gatherings called Sabbats.
  • Contrary to popular stereotypes, witches are not always depicted as evil. In some cultures, witches are seen as healers and wise women who possess knowledge of herbs and natural remedies.
  • Familiars are animal companions that are often associated with witches. These animal helpers, such as cats, owls, and toads, are believed to assist witches in their magical endeavors and offer them protection.
  • The cauldron, a large pot used for cooking, is closely connected to witches. In folklore, witches were believed to stir potions and concoctions in their cauldrons. These magical mixtures were said to have various effects, such as granting wishes or casting spells.
  • The pointed hat is a recognizable symbol of witches. It is thought to have originated from ancient beliefs that pointed objects had the power to repel evil spirits. In modern times, it has become an iconic part of witch costumes.
  • Some witches are associated with the moon and its cycles. They may perform rituals or spells during specific moon phases, believing that the moon’s energy enhances their magical abilities.
  • Witches have been featured in many famous stories and fairy tales, such as “Hansel and Gretel” and “Macbeth.” These fictional portrayals have shaped popular perceptions of witches, often emphasizing their magical powers and mysterious nature.
  • In some traditions, witches celebrate a holiday called Samhain, also known as Halloween. It is believed to be a time when the boundary between the spirit world and the physical world is thin, allowing spirits and magical beings to interact more easily.
  • Witches often use symbols and sigils in their practices. These symbols can represent different aspects of magic, such as protection, healing, or invoking specific energies.
  • Witches may create spell books or “grimoires”, which are personal journals containing their magical knowledge, rituals, and spells. These books are passed down through generations and are considered valuable resources for practicing witchcraft.

Remember, while witches may be fascinating characters in folklore and fiction, it’s essential to approach these topics with a sense of respect and understanding, separating fantasy from reality.

We definitely learned a lot about witches, but there is much more to learn about them.

If you would like to continue learning, here are some other reputable resources about the history of witches (some resources are more geared towards teen and adult learning, so heads up):

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Printing instructions

*Keep in mind that while these coloring sheets are free, they are for personal use only. Any additional use will need written permission, from me, obtained via email. Thanks.*

How to get best results with your witch printable

How to get best results with your witch printable

Prep Time: 2 minutes
Active Time: 3 minutes
Total Time: 3 minutes
Difficulty: Beginner to Intermediate

Poof into the magical realm of witch coloring. Perfect for seeking an enchanting & educational coloring adventure at the same time.


  • Black Ink/Toner
  • Standard 8.5"x11" Printing Paper (or quality cardstock)


  • Computer/ Phone/ Or Tablet To Download To
  • Printer
  • Colored Pencils
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Eraser (optional)


  1. Browse through the available options of coloring sheets & select the image, or images, you would like to color. The provided sample image, featuring the website's watermark at the bottom, offers an idea of what the full PDF looks like.
  2. Direct your attention just below the desired sample image to locate the "download here" button for the attached PDF.
  3. Select download, and then the print option.
  4. When you're ready to print it, make sure to choose the highest-quality print setting available.
  5. Now go ahead and select "print". Then send it to your printer of choice.
  6. After you have completed printing out your coloring page/s, give the ink a few minutes to completely dry and set. This precautionary step will help to avoid any ink smudging, which is particularly helpful if you would like to gift your artwork to someone.
  7. Before you begin coloring your witchy masterpiece, make sure your hands have been washed and are completely dry. Find a clean and flat surface to place your paper on, and then let your creativity flow as you color the prints however you desire. Once you're done, enjoy the new-found sense of accomplishment, knowing that these artwork creations could possibly bring joy to you and others for many years to come.


Ideas on what to do with these witch pictures:

You could buy some simple frames, have them printed onto a quality card stock at a local printing company, color them as well as you are able to, and they could be added to your home decor.

You could print the pages out and bind them, pair them with some nice colored pencils or an art set. Which could be a fun, but unique gift for any coloring enthusiast's special day...or any time you wish to cheer someone up.

They can even serve as inspiration or templates for those delicate fine-line tattoos.

These free witch coloring pictures can also be used as embroidery patterns by simply using transfer sheets.

Naturally, you also have the choice to print them and enjoy boundless amusement by coloring them repeatedly.

*The instructions aimed at achieving the finest print quality have been primarily devised for iPhone users who utilize an HP printer; nonetheless, these guidelines should be similarly applicable to various other devices.

**Whenever feasible, opting for the "fit to page" feature before printing is advisable to ensure the complete image is transferred onto your printed coloring page.

***This website employs an image optimization technique for the provided sample illustrations. While this optimization enhances loading speed, there is a slight compromise on quality. For optimal results, we recommend downloading and directly using the PDF file. The sample image is intended to provide a general visual preview, as navigating through an entire PDF might pose challenges on certain devices, potentially hindering the ability to view the complete image in a single screenshot.

Did you make this project?

Please leave a comment on the blog or share a photo on Pinterest

Tips for coloring

Here are some of my best tips to help you really bring your witch artwork to life:

  • Experiment with skin tones: Witches don’t have to be portrayed with the usual pale skin. Feel free to explore different skin tones, from fair to deep, to add diversity and uniqueness to your witches. Also, don’t limit yourself to just natural human skin-tones…many witches are portrayed as having green or other spooky colored features and the sky is the limit to however you want your witch to look.
  • Choose your color scheme: Witches can be colored in a variety of ways, so consider the mood and atmosphere you want to create. Traditional colors like black, purple, and green can give a classic witchy vibe, while brighter colors can add a playful or whimsical touch.
  • Play with textures: Use different coloring techniques to add depth and texture to your witch illustrations. For example, you can lightly shade areas like clothing or hair to create a sense of volume or use cross-hatching or stippling for added texture.
  • Accentuate details: Witches often have distinctive features like wavy hair, warts, hats, or flowing robes. Pay attention to these details and use different shades and patterns to make them stand out. Add highlights and shadows to make the picture more dynamic.
  • Get creative with accessories: Witches often carry various accessories such as broomsticks, wands, or cauldrons. Have fun with these elements by experimenting with metallic colors or glitter pens to make them shimmer or sparkle.
  • Consider the background: Think about the setting for your witch. Is she in a magical forest, a spooky castle, or flying through a starry sky? Consider incorporating background elements and scenery that complement the witch and add to the overall theme.
  • Use contrasting colors: To make your witch stand out, use contrasting colors for different elements. For example, if the witch has dark clothing, use lighter or vibrant colors for her hair or accessories to create a visual pop.
  • Add magical effects: Witches are associated with magic, so consider adding magical effects to your coloring page. You can use glitter pens or gel pens to create sparkling stars, glowing potions, or mystical auras around the witch.
  • Have fun and experiment: Coloring is a creative process, so don’t be afraid to try different techniques, color combinations, and styles. Let your imagination guide you and enjoy the process of bringing your witches to life.

Remember, coloring is a personal expression, so there are no right or wrong choices.

Let your creativity soar and make each witchy page a reflection of your unique artistic vision.

Options For Printing:

Letter W is for witch writing practice worksheets

*My letter W is for witch coloring sheet printables have been exclusively crafted for classroom use.

These printables are the sole options on this page that can be utilized in a public setting without requiring written permission.

However, if someone inquires about their source, kindly share the link to this post. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!

Letter W is for witch coloring page example
Letter W is for witch coloring page example
Letter W is for witch worksheet example
Letter W is for witch worksheet example
Letter W is for witch word page example
Letter W is for witch word page example
Letter W Is For Witch Coloring Page Example
Letter W Is For Witch Coloring Page B Example
Letter W Is For Witch Worksheet Example
Letter W Is For Witch Worksheet B Example

Various other witch designs

Witchy coloring pages example
Witchy coloring pages example
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Coloring Pages Of Witches Example
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Colouring Pages Witch Example
Witch Coloring Page With Cauldron Example
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Witch Colouring Pages Example
Witch spell book coloring page example
Witch spell book coloring page example
Trick Or Treating Witch Color Page Example
Trick Or Treating Witch Color Page Example
Brewing Potion Witch Color Pages Example
Brewing Potion Witch Color Pages Example
Witchy coloring pages for adults example
Witchy coloring pages for adults example
Witchy colouring pages example
Witchy colouring pages example
Coloring Pages Witches Example
Coloring Pages Witches Example
Witchcraft Coloring Pages Example
Witchcraft Coloring Pages Example
Free witchy coloring pages example
Free witchy coloring pages example
Outline Witches Coloring Pages Example
Outline Witches Coloring Pages Example


What colors are commonly associated with witches?

Colors commonly associated with witches are:

Black: Black is often the first color that comes to mind when thinking about witches. It symbolizes mystery, darkness, and occult practices. It is commonly associated with witch hats, capes, and broomsticks.

Purple: Purple is another color often associated with witches. It represents magic, spirituality, and mysticism. It can be used to color elements such as robes, accessories, or even the night sky in witch-themed artwork.

Green: Green is often connected to witches due to its association with nature, potions, and herbal practices. It can be used for elements like witch’s skin, clothing, or potion ingredients. Green is also associated with witches’ familiar animals, such as green-eyed black cats.

Red: Red is occasionally used to symbolize power, passion, and intensity in witch-related imagery. It can be incorporated into accents, symbols, or even fiery magical spells in witch illustrations.

Silver and Gold: Metallic colors like silver and gold can be associated with the mystical and otherworldly aspects of witchcraft. They are often used for magical artifacts, jewelry, or symbols in witch-themed artwork.

Earth Tones: Depending on the representation, witches can also be associated with earthy colors such as browns and deep greens. These colors can be used for natural elements like forests, herbs, or witch’s cottages.

It’s important to note that these color associations may vary depending on cultural or artistic interpretations of witches. Feel free to explore different color combinations and use your creativity to bring witches to life in your coloring pages.

*I will add more witch colour /color questions and answers as the questions get sent to me.


In conclusion, witch coloring pages offer an enchanting and imaginative experience for both children and adults alike.

Through the stroke of a colored pencil or brush, these bewitching illustrations transport us into a world filled with magic, mystery, and creativity.

From vibrant broomstick rides across starlit skies to potion brewing in cauldrons brimming with color, each page invites us to explore the captivating realm of witches.

Whether we choose to embrace traditional hues or venture into whimsical color palettes, the power to bring these magical beings to life lies within our hands.

As we add vibrant shades and personal touches to the images, we unlock our own artistic abilities and create unique interpretations of these enchanting characters.

So, let your imagination soar, embrace the spellbinding allure of printable witches, and may your artistic journey be filled with wonder, adventure, and a touch of magic.

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