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Halloween Coloring Pages (free printable PDF templates)

Get ready to unleash your creativity and embrace the spooky spirit of Halloween with our captivating collection of Halloween coloring pages. These eerie themed printables are perfect for both kids and adults alike. Whether you’re looking for a fun activity to entertain little ones during the Halloween season or seeking a relaxing pastime for yourself, our Halloween color sheets are sure to add a dash of enchantment to your October festivities. Just pick whichever design you like, save the downloadable free PDF template, print it out, and get coloring to your little hearts content, or you could even use them as an embroidery pattern or inspiration for fine line tattoos.

Halloween Coloring Pages
Halloween Coloring Pages (free printable PDF templates)

Learn about Halloween as you color

If you’re new to my coloring pages, you should know that I like to give you the option of learning about the subject so that you can easily turn it into an educational lesson while you are at it…so here we go!

Halloween, also known as All Hallows’ Eve, is a holiday celebrated on the evening of October 31st, with origins dating back thousands of years.

Let’s delve into some fascinating and fun (simplified) facts about Halloween (get more info from my reference source here):

  • Ancient Origins: Halloween has its roots in ancient Celtic traditions, particularly the festival of Samhain. Samhain marked the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter in Celtic Ireland and Scotland.
  • Meaning of the Name: The name “Halloween” is derived from “All Hallows’ Eve,” which refers to the evening before All Hallows’ Day (All Saints’ Day) on November 1st.
  • Costume Traditions: Dressing up in costumes is a significant Halloween tradition. It originated from the belief that disguising oneself would protect against evil spirits roaming the earth during Samhain.
  • Jack-o’-Lanterns: Carving pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns is a classic Halloween activity. This tradition is based on an Irish folktale about a man named Stingy Jack who tricked the Devil. Legend has it that he was doomed to roam the earth with only a carved turnip to light his way.
  • Candy and Trick-or-Treating: The modern tradition of trick-or-treating emerged in the United States in the late 19th century. Children go from house to house, dressed in costumes, asking for treats, typically saying, “Trick or treat!” This custom evolved from the ancient practice of leaving food offerings outside to appease wandering spirits.
  • Haunted Origins: The concept of haunted houses and spooky decorations during Halloween stems from the belief that on Samhain, the veil between the living and the dead was at its thinnest, allowing spirits to walk among the living.
  • Bobbing for Apples: This once popular Halloween game has its roots in ancient Roman harvest festivals and was later incorporated into Halloween celebrations. The game involves attempting to grab apples floating in a tub of water using only the mouth or teeth.
  • Halloween Superstitions: Halloween is associated with various superstitions. For instance, it was believed that if a person wore clothes inside out and walked backward on Halloween, they would see a witch at midnight.
  • World Records: Halloween holds several intriguing world records. For instance, the largest pumpkin ever recorded weighed over 2,600 pounds (1,179 kilograms), and the largest gathering of people dressed as zombies reached over 15,000 participants!
  • Cultural Celebrations: While Halloween is widely celebrated in the United States, other countries have their own unique traditions during this time. In Mexico, they celebrate the Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos), a colorful and vibrant festival honoring deceased loved ones.
  • Animal Connections: Halloween is also associated with animals, particularly black cats. In folklore, black cats were believed to be witches’ familiars, and crossing paths with one was considered a sign of bad luck.
  • Halloween Movies: The holiday has inspired countless iconic movies and TV specials, ranging from family-friendly classics like “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” to thrilling horror films like “Halloween” and “Friday the 13th.”
  • Second-largest Commercial Holiday: Halloween has become one of the biggest commercial holidays worldwide. It ranks second only to Christmas in terms of total consumer spending, with billions of dollars spent on costumes, decorations, and candy each year.

As you can see, Halloween is a holiday rich in history, folklore, and traditions. Whether you’re carving pumpkins, donning a spooky costume, or indulging in sweet treats, Halloween offers a delightful blend of fun and fright for people of all ages.

If you would like to do even more reading on the subject, here are some other reputable resources to learn about Halloween while coloring:

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How to use my free coloring pages & supplies needed list:

*Keep in mind that while these coloring sheets are free, they are for personal use only. Any additional use will need written permission, from me, obtained via email. Thanks.*

**The example images for this little printing tutorial are from my free spring flowers coloring pages, you can get those here if you so desire.**

How to get best results with Halloween printable coloring pages

How to get best results with Halloween printable coloring pages

Prep Time: 2 minutes
Active Time: 3 minutes
Total Time: 3 minutes
Difficulty: Beginner to Intermediate


  • Standard 8.5"x11" Printing Paper (or quality cardstock)
  • Black Ink/Toner


  • Computer/ Phone/ Or Tablet To Download To
  • Printer
  • Colored Pencils
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Eraser (optional)


  1. how to use Step 1 Scroll through the available coloring sheet options and determine which picture/pictures you would like to color (the example photo, with the websites watermark, shows you what the whole PDF will look like).
  2. Scroll just below the desired example photo, to the PDF version (the PDF version does not have the websites watermark on it), and either select "print" in the top right hand corner, or you can select "download" (also in the top right hand corner).
  3. how to use Step 3 A (2) how to use Step 3 B (1) how to use Step 3 C (1)As you go to print it, select the highest quailty option, or the highest DPI setting (DPI refers to the number of printed dots that are within one inch of the image being printed...basically the higher the number, the better the quality of the print). Now select "print".
  4. how to use Step 4After printing out your coloring pictures, allow the ink to set (dry out) for several minutes. This step will help prevent any smudging.
  5. how to use Step 5Now wash your hands and dry them thoroughly. Find a clean, nice flat/hard surface to lay the paper on, and color your prints in whatever way you fancy. Then enjoy them for years to come.


Ideas on what to do with these pictures:

You could print the coloring pages out and bind them and, paired with some nice colored pencils or an art set, it could be a fun little gift for any coloring enthusiast's special day.

You could also buy some simple frames, have these pictures printed out on a quality card stock at a local printing company, color them as beautifully as you can, and they could easily be added to your home decor.

These free coloring pictures can also be used as embroidery patterns using transfer sheets.

They could be used as a pattern for a fine-line tattoo.

Then of course, you can just plain print them out and color them as many times as you want to too.

*Please note that this website uses an image optimizer on the example photo's (which makes them load faster but also reduces quality), which is why you will get the best result by making sure you are downloading and using the PDF file directly. The example photo is just there so that you get an idea of what the entire picture looks like as it is hard to scroll through a PDF, on some devices, and see the whole thing within one screenshot.*

**Print quality instructions are for when using a desktop computer and an HP printer, it should be fairly similar should you use a different device**.

***Please make sure to select "fit to page" option when printing so that you ensure that entire image makes it on your printed page.

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Tips for your Halloween picture for coloring

When it comes to coloring Halloween pictures, here are some tips to help you create vibrant and eye-catching designs:

  • Choose a Spooky Color Palette: Halloween is all about bold, dark, and vibrant colors. Opt for shades like deep purples, eerie greens, fiery oranges, and rich blacks to create a hauntingly beautiful atmosphere.
  • Experiment with Texture: To add depth and interest to your coloring pages, consider experimenting with different textures. You can achieve this by using various shading techniques such as cross-hatching, stippling, or blending colors smoothly for a gradient effect.
  • Play with Contrast: Create striking contrasts by pairing light and dark colors. This can make certain elements pop and add a dramatic effect to your Halloween-themed images. For example, a bright yellow moon against a dark sky or glowing eyes in a shadowy figure.
  • Incorporate Metallic Accents: Halloween often has elements associated with magic and fantasy. Consider using metallic markers or colored pencils to add shimmer and shine to your artwork. This can enhance the mystical and otherworldly elements of your coloring sheets.
  • Add Splashes of Glow: Halloween is the perfect time to experiment with glowing effects. Use fluorescent or glow-in-the-dark markers/paint to add glowing eyes, eerie lights, or supernatural elements. These details can bring an extra layer of spookiness to your coloring.
  • Embrace Details: Halloween-themed coloring prints often feature intricate designs and patterns. Take your time and enjoy the process of coloring in the fine details. It can be rewarding to bring out the intricacies of witches’ hats, spiderwebs, or the carved faces of pumpkins.
  • Get Creative with Backgrounds: Consider adding an imaginative background to your coloring pages. You can create a moonlit sky, a creepy graveyard, a haunted house, or a misty forest. These fun backgrounds can set the mood and enhance the overall Halloween ambiance of your artwork.
  • Use Reference Images: If you’re unsure about color choices or want inspiration, look for reference images online or in Halloween-themed books. They can provide guidance and ideas for color combinations, shading techniques, and overall composition.
  • Have Fun and Experiment: Halloween colouring in pages offer a fantastic opportunity to let your creativity run wild. Don’t be afraid to try different coloring techniques, blend colors, or even add your own unique touches. Let your imagination guide you and have fun exploring different possibilities.

Remember, there are no right or wrong ways to color Halloween pictures. Enjoy the process, let your creativity shine, and embrace the spooky spirit of Halloween as you bring your coloring pages to life!

Halloween Coloring Sheet Options For Printing:

H is for Halloween writing practice worksheets

*My H is for Halloween coloring sheet printables are specifically designed to be used in a classroom setting, they are the only printable options on this page that do not need written permission to use in a public setting, but please send the link to this post along if anyone asks you where you got them. Thank you!

H Is For Halloween Coloring Page Example
H Is For Halloween Coloring Page Example
H Is For Halloween Worksheet Example
H Is For Halloween Worksheet Example

Misc Halloween Sheets

Cute Color Pages Halloween Example
Cute Color Pages Halloween Example
Trick Or Treating Ghost Halloween Color Page Example
Trick Or Treating Ghost Halloween Color Page Example
Haunted House Colouring Pages Halloween Example
Haunted House Colouring Pages Halloween Example
Skeleton Halloween Coloring Pages Printable Example
Skeleton Halloween Coloring Pages Printable Example

Halloween Cat Printables

Cat and pumpkin printable coloring pages halloween example
Cat and pumpkin printable coloring pages Halloween example
Witch Cat Coloring Pages Halloween Printable Example
Witch Cat Coloring Pages Halloween Printable Example
Kitty pumpkin coloring pages printable Halloween example
Kitty pumpkin coloring pages printable Halloween example

*Make sure to check out all of my other cat coloring pages, found here.

Halloween Gnome Prints

Wizard Gnome Halloween coloring page printable Example
Wizard Gnome Halloween coloring page printable Example
Jack O Lantern Gnome Halloween Colouring Page Example
Jack O Lantern Gnome Halloween Colouring Page Example

Halloween Color FAQ’s

What are Halloween vibe colors?

Halloween is a holiday filled with mystery, magic, and a touch of spooky allure. The colors associated with Halloween help set the eerie and enchanting atmosphere that surrounds this festive occasion.

From the deep hues of the night to the vibrant shades of pumpkins and witches’ brew, these Halloween vibe colors evoke a sense of excitement and anticipation.

So, grab your cauldron of creativity and explore the bewitching world of Halloween with this curated list of colors that capture its unique spirit:

Deep purple
Eerie green
Fiery orange
Rich black
Blood red
Witchy teal
Mysterious midnight blue
Haunting gray
Spooky silver
Ghoulishly pale white
Creepy cobweb gray
Ghostly ethereal lavender
Sinister shadowy brown
Pumpkin orange
Wickedly vibrant neon green

Immerse yourself in these captivating colors as you embark on Halloween-themed endeavors. Whether you’re designing costumes, decorating haunted houses, or creating spooky artwork, these Halloween vibe colors will infuse your creations with a chilling and enchanting charm.

Let your imagination roam freely, and allow these colors to transport you to a realm where witches cackle, jack-o’-lanterns glow, and the air is filled with a sense of thrilling anticipation. Embrace the essence of Halloween with these hues that capture its mystical and bewitching ambiance, and let your creativity shine in the shadows of this extraordinary holiday.

*I will add more Halloween colour / color questions and answers as the questions get sent to me.

In conclusion, Halloween coloring pages offer a delightful and engaging way to celebrate the spirit of this enchanting holiday. From exploring the origins of Halloween to learning fascinating facts about its traditions, the journey of coloring these pages becomes an immersive experience.

As you bring the intricate designs to life with vibrant hues and imaginative touches, you tap into your own creativity while embracing the magic and mystery that Halloween brings.

Whether you’re a child or an adult, the joy of coloring Halloween-themed prints knows no bounds, fostering a sense of excitement and playfulness. So, pick up your favorite coloring tools, dive into the world of witches, ghosts, and pumpkins, and let your artistic expression flow.

Coloring pages of Halloween provides a canvas for your imagination to flourish, allowing you to create your own eerie masterpieces that will be cherished long after the spook-tacular season fades away.

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Coloring Page Halloween

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