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CopyCat Catalina Dressing

Yum! When I first discovered the original recipe for the copycat of Kraft Catalina Dressing I was very pleased with the end result. It tastes just like it.  It’s REALLY sweet though, too sweet. I got a sugar headache from it, and no one should suffer while trying to enjoy a salad. So, I did what I always do, and tried to make it a bit healthier. I can’t tell a difference, minus the sugar headache. Give it a try. I hope you like it!

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Add the following to a blender:

½ Scant C Agave Nectar
1 tsp Salt
A Pinch of Paprika
½ t Chili Powder
¼ t Celery Seeds
¼ t Dry Mustard
About ¾ T Dried Minced Onion (just eyeball it)
¼ C White Vinegar
3 Oz. Tomato Paste
½ C Safflower Oil (or canola)
Put the blender lid on and mix for a minute or two. It’s super easy! Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator and shake before each use. It tastes best when it’s had a few hours for the flavors to blend properly. *If you think it’s too thick you can blend in a little bit of water. Also, you can add even less agave if you think it’s still too sweet.*


*Updated 02/22/14

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