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Decorate Your Home As Frugally As Possible With These Cheap Home Decor Ideas

(this post is currently under construction, please come back in a few days to read the updated/best version) You might think that frugality and having a well-decorated home are two things that just can’t be compatible, but that’s simply not true! There are a variety of easy ways to decorate your home without breaking the bank – especially if you love decorating in a farmhouse style. The next time you think you can’t afford to redecorate your house, consider these simple frugal decorating tips for cheap home decor.

cheap home decor ideas for decorating a home
Decorate Your Home As Frugally As Possible With These Cheap Home Decor Ideas.

Here are some of my best cheap home decor tips:

Some of these will probably feel like common sense, but others just may surprise you…

How to decorate on a budget? First, I Suggest That You Buy Secondhand.

One of the easiest ways to save money on home décor is to buy used decorative items. In addition to being a fraction of the cost of new home décor, purchasing secondhand items also gives you a chance to find truly unique pieces for each room in your home.

If you’re decorating in farmhouse style, antique and vintage pieces will only add to the charm of your home, (literally, sometimes the more dinged up the better when it comes to farmhouse style) making purchasing secondhand home décor one of my favorite ways to decorate. By the way, Deseret Industries is one of my favorite thrift shops.

You can find amazing home décor pieces at discount prices at a variety of locations, including:

  • Flea markets
  • Thrift stores
  • Antique stores
  • Consignment shops
  • Garage sales

While I may love saving money while decorating my home, one of my favorite things about shopping for secondhand décor is the thrill of the hunt.

Searching through shelves of vintage items at antique stores or browsing through a garage sale I pass by as I drive home is almost as much fun as decorating with my new finds… but I’m a little weird, if I don’t go junking on a semi-regular basis I literally go through withdrawals like a junkie would, it’s kinda silly.

Upcycle, When Decorating On A Budget

Another of my favorite frugal decorating tips is to upcycle items you already have at home. Transforming items you would otherwise throw away is a great way to get a little creative and make something unique for your home. But the best part about upcycling is that it doesn’t cost you much, ifanything. Need some upcycle ideas for your farmhouse home? Try these:

  • Turn a tin can into a flower vase with a little bit of leftover paint.
  • Transform an empty pickle jar into a cute storage container.
  • Turn an old candlestick and cake pan into a farmhouse tray.

There are so many ways to make use of things you already have at home! The key to upcycling your own home décor is to think creatively about what something could be instead of what it currently is… if you haven’t seen my old post on turning a shabby old basket into a farmhouse fruit basket for cheap, you should check it out, here.

Update with Paint, Probably The Best Tip I have For How To Decorate A House On A Low Budget.

Paint is one of the easiest, and cheapest, ways to transform your home. Whether you update a room with a new coat of paint or paint your furniture a new color to create a fresh look in the space, using paint is one of the best frugal decorating tips I can offer.

Spray paint or craft paint is a great way to transform small decorative pieces. While a traditional can of paint is perfect for updating your walls or painting larger pieces of furniture. Paint is a cost-effective way to update your home, you can save even more by:

  • Keeping an eye out for sales at your local home improvement store
  • Asking friends if they have any leftover paint the don’t want
  • Shopping the “oops” section at your paint or hardware store
  • My favorite way to save on paint is to actually buy it second-hand from ReStore. You can get it in a plethora of colors, or go with a plain white and then you can buy those little bottles of acrylic paint at Walmart for around 50 cents and tint it whatever color you want… Plus, if you want to turn it into chalk paint I have had great luck making my own by mixing a bit of plaster of paris into a cup with a bit of warm water and some of the paint…mix well and then add it to the can of paint…stir well and there you have it DIY chalk paint. Do a basic google search on DIY chalk paint if that was confusing at all.

Decorate with Nature

One of the best parts about decorating in farmhouse style is its focus on bringing natural elements into the home. That is absolutely perfect for frugal decorators because items found in nature are usually free!

Branches, stones, pine cones, acorns, and natural wood elements are all perfect for decorating your farmhouse home.

If you want to add a pop of color to your room, bring some wildflowers inside an put them in a vase. Or consider adding houseplants to your home to add greenery to the space and improve the air quality at the same time. Plants can be purchased or grown from seed to save even more money on your natural home décor.

Make it Yourself

Handmade items are another staple of farmhouse decorating, so making your own home décor fits perfectly with the farmhouse decorating theme. And it helps you save money when decorating your home.

If you (or your significant other) are good with power tools, consider making your own furniture instead of buying it from the store. Refinish or turn something old into something new if you’d like… or get crafty and create your decorative pieces with a little bit of creativity and some paint.

There are so many ways to let your personality shine through your home décor when you make things your self – and you’ll save a ton of money in the process!

Learn to Sew

Throw pillows and window treatments are great for adding softness and coziness to a room. But home linens can quickly get expensive if you purchase them from the store.

By taking the time to learn how to sew, you can save money while decorating your house. This simple skill (because most home items require nothing more than a straight stitch)will allow you to make all kinds of beautiful fabric pieces for your home, from cozy pillows to flowing curtains. And all you need to make it happen is fabric, a needle, and some thread.

If the thought of learning to sew makes you nervous, remember that YouTube has tons of tutorials for beginners so there is no need to take sewing lessons…plus, you may have a relative that would happily give you their old sewing machine that they haven’t used in years.

If you’re looking for a cheap idea on how to save money while sewing bedding or quilts, many many years ago I shared with you all a simple tutorial on how I was able to make my kids three matching quilts for their beds out of old sheets for less than $20 and you can find that old post here.

Also, remember that any time you go to purchase fabric to check for coupons on the website of the store that you are going to, many of them will even accept coupons of their competitors and it can save you quite a bit of money if you plan ahead.

Shop Sales

While making decorations yourself or purchasing used items are both great ways to save money, sometimes you want (or need) to buy your home décor from the store new. One of the best frugal decorating tips I can offer is to never pay full price for your home décor.

There are tons of simple ways to save on home décor, which means you’ll never need to pay sticker price for store-bought decorations. Stores like Hobby Lobby and Michaels have rotating sales with items marked as much as 50% off the sticker prices each week.

Also discount chains, like T.J. Maxx and Home Goods, sell beautiful name-brand decorative items at a fraction of department store prices…Home Goods is actually my favorite place to shop for Home Decor if I must buy new.

Find Free Stuff

There’s nothing better than finding something for free! If you’re trying to decorate your home while being frugal, free home décor is the way to go. Ask your friends and family for items they no longer need, then get creative to make it work for your space. I seriously daydream about one day having a best friend that is comfortable with us both looking through each others donation piles before we send things off the the DI or Goodwill…lol. If you can find a mutually beneficial friendship like that, then you may find yourself in a very good place.

Also, keep an eye out as you drive around town for items your neighbors leave on the curb. Take advantage of online freebies – you can find a variety of free decorative printables that will make your farmhouse home look amazing without spending a dime.

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Keep it Clean

No matter how much time you spend decorating your house, the best way to ensure your home looks amazing all the time is to keep it clean.

Cleaning and caring for the furniture and décor in your home will not only make the entire house look better, but it will also ensure the décor you currently have will last for years.

Take the time to dust your house and maintain your furniture regularly to avoid the need for costly repairs and replacements in the future.

Stay Organized

One of the best frugal decorating tips I can offer is to keep your home organized and decluttered. Clutter is not only costly, but it can also make your home unsightly.

Taking the time to curate your home by thinking carefully about the home décor purchases you make is not only frugal, but it will also help prevent your home from becoming cluttered.

In addition to avoiding clutter, it’s also important that the items you have in your home be neat and organized to ensure your frugal farmhouse décor shines in the space.

I can’t tell you how many times, through the years, that I have found myself utterly disgusted with where I lived and felt like it was just a crappy place, but then when I got caught up on my cleaning and decluttering the the whole house transformed into a bright and cheery home…it’s more than worth getting caught up on the basics before you try to buy a bunch of new items that you may not even need once you’re done dejunking…because as you de-junk you find old items that you could breathe new life into.

I Hope You Enjoyed My Budget Ideas For Cheap House Decor.

If funds are limited, it may be difficult to find room in your spending to decorate your home. However, decorating on a budget is actually pretty easy if you know a few simple tips. So, if you love farmhouse décor, you’re in an even better position! There are tons of easy ways to find beautiful farmhouse-style home items when decorating on a budget.

What is Farmhouse Style Decorating?

Farmhouse style is typically a mix of modern industrial with a touch of antique charm that was again popularized by the television show Fixer Upper.

The beauty of this style is that it seamlessly blends the old and new with charm and character. While decorating in farmhouse style can get expensive, the characteristics of this decorating style actually lend itself to decorating on a budget.

Here are a few budget-friendly characteristics of farmhouse style:

It evolves over time. To create a true farmhouse feel in your home, there’s no way you could decorate a room in a day, without hiring a team and spending a fortune anyway. Instead, you should take your time decorating the space and allow the design to evolve over time. That’s good news for your wallet! Instead of spending a ton of money decorating your home at one time, you can buy pieces here and there, getting items that you really love, until the room is complete.

It incorporates vintage items. Purchasing second-hand items is one of the easiest ways to save money when decorating on a budget. That’s good news for farmhouse lovers! You can find a variety of amazing second-hand pieces for your farmhouse home without being forced to pay retail prices on your home décor.

It features natural elements. Items from nature are free, making this another great budget-friendly feature of farmhouse decorating. Incorporating florals, greenery, and wood elements into your decorating is a great way to add farmhouse charm. Plus, you won’t need to spend a ton of money to decorate your home.

It’s practical. A lot of farmhouse style home décor also serves another practical purpose. That means you’ll get a bigger bang for your buck when decorating in farmhouse style. Wooden boxes and wire baskets add a rustic look to the room and also serve as storage for the space, for example. When you add these multi-purpose items to your home, you’re ensuring that your money is very well spent.

Farmhouse Style Decorating on the cheap, Shop Second-Hand

All of those previously mentioned factors make decorating on a budget in farmhouse style so simple/easy – especially when you know where to find the best farmhouse pieces. Luckily, there are several places to find farmhouse style décor when you’re decorating on a budget.

Flea Markets. If you’re looking for vintage items to add to your home, there really is no better place to look than a flea market. At these big antique sales, you can find a variety of rustic and vintage pieces at bargain prices. The best part about shopping at a flea market is that you’re allowed to haggle. So, if you find a great piece for your home, don’t forget to ask for a better price than what’s on the tag. Sellers are ready to negotiate their prices, allowing you to score some great deals on farmhouse décor…and don’t be too shy to haggle…they expect it at a Flea Market.

Yard sales. Another great place to find cheap farmhouse décor is at yard sales. The popularity of farmhouse style means it’s likely that you’ll find farmhouse décor or vintage pieces at yard sales throughout your town. Shopping for a certain type of décor at yard sales requires a little bit of strategy. Before you head out on Saturday morning, make a shopping plan. Check your newspaper’s classifieds, Craigslist listings for your town, and even Facebook Marketplace to view all the yard sales that are taking place that day. Then, scan the ads for words that might indicate that the sale has farmhouse style items. Words like the words antiques, vintage, farmhouse, rustic, industrial, and collectibles may indicate farmhouse decor is at that sale. Then, make a list of all the homes with those items to help narrow your search for farmhouse décor.

Thrift stores. While the selection of farmhouse décor available at thrift stores may be limited, it’s still a great place to check when you’re shopping on a budget. You never know what you will find at your local thrift store, making it a great place for home decorating on a budget. From vintage items to pieces you can upcycle into farmhouse style décor, the possibilities are endless when shopping at thrift stores.

Antique stores. Although the prices at antique stores are often higher than those at flea markets, you can still find great deals on farmhouse style pieces. Antique stores are often filled with a huge selection of vintage items, allowing you to find amazing accent pieces for your home at more budget-friendly prices than purchasing items in a retail store.

eBay. Since eBay is similar to an online flea market, you can often find some great deals on farmhouse style items. You’ll need to spend a little time searching the site to find the best prices. But the hunt is often part of the fun of decorating on a budget, right? I don’t know about you, but when I get an awesome deal on something that I have been wanting I kind of get a natural high from it and am happy as can be.

Etsy. On top of finding great deals on antique and vintage items on Etsy, you can also browse a variety of beautiful handmade farmhouse style decorations. Most of these items are also budget-friendly, making Etsy a great place to search when decorating on a budget. My favorite Etsy shop for vintage finds is called RiverHouseDesigns. The prices have gone up a little bit over the years, but I have found some of the most interesting pieces ever in that shop.

Farm supply stores. If you’re decorating your home in farmhouse style, why not go directly to the source? Stores like Rural King or Tractor Supply offer a huge selection of farm implements and farmhouse décor that would look amazing in your home. And the price tags on these items are often much lower than the price of similar items in retail stores.

Amazon. This shopping site has the biggest selection of items on the internet, so a quick search for farmhouse style décor won’t disappoint. The best part about shopping for home décor on Amazon is that you can find some great deals on farmhouse décor. Searching through the list of farmhouse options on Amazon may take a little time. But it’s time well spent when you score a great deal on some new decorations for your home. Plus, being able to read other customer reviews of the item purchased always gives me more peace of mind.

Wal-Mart. Shopping at Wal-Mart might be a good way to save money on household items, but it’s also a great place for decorating on a budget. The budget superstore has a variety of beautiful farmhouse style decorations, from industrial metal baskets to rustic lighting, all at bargain prices.

Target. This popular superstore is another great place to check out when decorating on a budget. On top of the store’s already low home décor prices, you can also score additional savings at Target by using the store’s app on your phone and signing up for the Red Card. That card saves you an additional 5% each time you shop (I only recommend doing this if you have the self-control to pay the card off right after each time you use it). The best place about shopping for farmhouse style home décor at target is browsing the Hearth & Hand line of products, which are designed by Chip and Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper.

Do it yourself. When all else fails, making your own farmhouse décor is one of the simplest ways to decorate on a budget. Whether you make your own decorations from scratch or use a little paint to upcycle a piece you already have at home, DIYing your farmhouse décor can help you save a ton of money on decorations.

Well, there you have it… my thoughts on how to save money when farmhouse decorating on a budget.

Most of these ideas will also work for finding other styles of decor too…if Farmhouse isn’t your thing.

There are so many ways to decorate without breaking the bank…another farmhouse decor money saving tip I have is to dye your own burlap any color that you want… I did a tutorial on it long ago, and you can find that here.

It will really make your farmhouse decor stand out so I thought that I would mention it.

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Decorate Your Home As Frugally As Possible With These Cheap Home Decor Ideas.

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