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The Secret To Life Without Ingrown Toenails

You may not believe it, but with this one simple little DIY life hack I am sharing with you today, you could be free of pesky and painful ingrown toenails for life. Learn how to prevent ingrown toenails with this easy tutorial.

DIY Ingrown Toenail Hack.

Did you know that the majority of ingrown toenails are self-inflicted?

As someone that suffered from (self-inflicted) painful ingrown toenails for YEARS, I thought I would share what the solution to the problem is.

Especially since it has worked wonders for me for quite awhile now.

I’ve heard of this method of nail care from both a Doctor and an Esthetician, so it’s not just me telling you that it works.

It really does!

I only wish that I had known about it even sooner because I would have experienced so much less pain in my life.

Alright, so like I said before, most ingrown toenails are self-inflicted. It is mostly caused by trimming them way too short.

Though the problem for me was that instead of using clippers or a file to trim mine, I’d basically just pick at them and rip it off from the side. Yuck, I know…TMI, but I guarantee that I’m not the only one that used to do that/does that.

How to prevent ingrown toenails:

So here is a nasty old close up of my foot (you are forewarned…lol. I’m not girly at all, I can count on one hand how many pedicures I have had…so you are forewarned) 

Here is what you are supposed to do instead.

All you do is file your nail straight across.

Don’t clip them too short or round them on the edges. Just file straight across.

That’s it! It’s such a simple thing to do, and quite frankly it made me feel silly to know that I had gone through so much pain just because of a stupid nervous habit instead of properly taking care of my toenails.  

Lucky for you, and not so much for me, I stubbed my toe a couple of weeks ago and it broke the nail off so that it looked just like it used to when I would get ingrowns all the time.

Which is what reminded me that I needed to share this little tip, it became ingrown and hurt like the dickens! 

Can you see the difference of what you should and shouldn’t do?

The reason is that if you curve it down like the one on the right, your toenail will try to push through the skin that is growing around it. Thus, causing it to be irritated.

If you just trim it and then file it down so it’s pretty much straight across, the skin won’t try to grow around it…unless you have super freaky feet (just kidding) ;).

Hopefully, you’ll be happier now that you know how to stop ingrown toenails from happening.

That’s really all I had to share with you all today… it may sound silly, but this life hack is well worth sharing the shame of my nasty feet to help some of you out too. ~Sarah

DIY Ingrown Toenail Hack

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