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Why I Still Love My Crock Pot & Always Will

*Please note: Crock Pot, the company, did not ask me to write this for them. I wrote it as my own opinion and that opinion has not been influenced by any company.*

I have been SAFELY using a Crock Pot to cook for my family since I got one as a wedding gift when I was nineteen years old (13 years ago), so when I heard about the “This Is Us” Crock Pot death and how many people are swearing they will never use one again, I feel like I need to speak up and share my reasons for why the show didn’t change my opinion of my Crock Pot at all.

I love my Crock Pot, and the death of a fictional TV character is not going to change the way that I feel about it because frankly, my Crock Pot (& yours too) is just as safe to use today as it was the day before that episode aired.  To be afraid of it is pretty ridiculous and as with any appliance, you have to take basic safety precautions when you use it. If something has faulty wiring or a faulty switch, you toss it out or take it be repaired… you don’t keep using it hoping for the best.

If you do continue to use a damaged appliance, that is a pretty ridiculous chance to take and well worth the $30-$50 or so to replace it.  Besides, any appliance attached to an electrical outlet should not be left near anything flamable, i.e. rags or papers or oil or anything that might combust. It’s basic common sense, or at least it should be. Not to mention that every single home out there should have some sort of fire extinguisher, smoke detector, and a GFCI circuit breaker to trip if it is being overloaded in the kitchen, which means that the likelihood of this happening now a days is very slim.

If you go to sleep or leave the house with your washer or dryer running you are taking just as much risk as you are by leaving your home with your slow cooker plugged in. 

Crock Pot has always been up front about the safety of their product, in fact, here are the first few pages of the manual for my Crock Pot…

The safety precautions in your owners manual are probably the same as mine, but if you would like to look it up,  here is a link where you can.

Frankly, I am so freaking annoyed that people are  swearing they will never use their Crock Pot again after watching that episode… because  it’s a good product that has simplified my life like no other kitchen appliance, especially back when I didn’t have the luxury of working from home.

So PLEASE, before you decide to swear off  using a Crock Pot ever again, please think about the Crock Pot company and how jumping on the “swear them off” wagon could really hurt the company which in turn could lead to lay offs and people not being able to feed their families. It’s a vicious cycle and could leave a great many people out of work and facing hard times for a very long time.

Anyway, I’ll hop off of my soap box and leave you all with that to ponder…just know that I still feel like it is a pretty safe appliance to use so long as you’re being smart about how you use it. If you’re still a little nervous about continuing to use it, just use it on days you’re home and awake “lazy days” if you’re really that worried about it, problem solved.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! If you found this post helpful please make sure to share it with your friends/family. I appreciate it! ~Sarah

*Pictures in this post were taken from the Crock Pot Website and/or various places on the internet and I am not claiming them as my own.*