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When a toddler has a cold…

I hate it when my little ones have runny noses. Not only is it sad, It’s so gross! Snot gets everywhere! I’m always worried that they’re going to be wiping it on the couch, or the wall, or any place that you would never expect…or all of the above. Yuck! It’s even worse because I really don’t have the energy to chase them around the house all day with a tissue. You know, because of all the other motherly duties I have to take care of every single day. My solution to this problem was actually pretty simple. One day, I gave my (then 16 month old, oldest) a stack of colorful Terry Washcloths to see if maybe it would get her excited about wiping her own nose. Guess what? It worked like a charm! She was so thrilled!
I think that she was just excited about all of the bright colors and fun patterns. Wow! It’s been so much less of a headache for me, and my girls really seem to like it (It worked well enough to repeat with baby #2 and I plan on doing it when our third is a little older).  Plus, I think it helps them in learning to be independent. Like I said, I started doing this when my oldest was about 16 months and she still enjoyed it until she was nearly 4 years old. Another added bonus, when they are not being used,  we store them with our emergency gear because they can also be used as an extra soaker for cloth diapers. 

*This post was updated on 01/06/2014.