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Miracle Pan Release, The Healthy Version

Miracle Pan Release is a bakers best friend! It really works! Your baked goodies slide right out of the pan!  However, every single recipe that I’ve found online has both vegetable shortening AND vegetable oil in it and we cut those fats out of our family’s diet a couple of years ago. Anyway, I decided that I’d try to see if it still works when you swap the ingredients for healthier ones, and guess what???

 It still works amazingly well…even all healthified!

*Hey there, thanks for stopping by my website. This article is super old, so it has been archived as I no longer update it…so proceed if you wish…but it is definitely not my best work. Please stop by my home page, here, and see some of my better content. Thanks! ~Sarah*

I’ll spare you lots of mindless chatter and get right down to the recipe…
Here it is:

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½ C Salted Butter (melted)
½ C Whole Wheat Flour (finely ground)
½ C Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Mix these 3 ingredients together and store in an air-tight container. I refrigerate it and then just let it sit on the counter so it is room temperature before I use it.  Obviously, since this recipe calls for equal amounts of ingredients, you can alter it to make as much or as little as you’d like.

I’m going to show you how I do it, just as an example:

I start out with a wide mouth pint jar, I’ve gotta use wide-mouth so I can fit my big ‘ol man-hand in there (I have really big hands for a girl…my ring size has been 9.5 since I was 14 years old). I use a standard sharpie marker and write down both what’s in the jar and the recipe.


Next, I add the Salted Butter and melt it on a low setting in the microwave.


Then, I add the Whole Wheat Flour.

And now I add the Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


I take a metal whisk and mix it well.




Add a BPA-Free Plastic Jar Lid
and put it in the fridge.


When ready to use it, I let it sit out until it reaches room temp (mix well) and then I just use my (clean) fingers to spread it into the pan…I really need to get a nice basting brush… but fingers work in the meantime. Make sure to apply generously (slather that pan).


After your baked goods have been pulled out of the oven, and cooled a little bit, it’s time to pop them out of your baking dish. Make sure it has separated a little from the edges of the pan, otherwise you may need to help it along a little bit with your spatula.
***The only time this hasn’t worked for me is when I didn’t spread the pan release well enough in the baking dish.***
 Like I said earlier, make sure you apply it generously!


See how well it works!!! It’s so awesome!

The best part…you can’t even taste the olive oil!
I hope you find this as handy as I do…it’s been the answer to my issue with getting my home-made bread to come out of the pan without leaving chunks stuck to the pan. Anyway, please make sure to share with anyone that would find it helpful!