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How I Healed My Tinnitus Naturally

An at home Tinnitus remedy may be easier than one might think. Learn How I Healed My Tinnitus Naturally just by making a few simple changes to my everyday habits.

Easy tinnitus relief.
How I Healed My Tinnitus Naturally.

I am telling you, Tinnitus has got to be one of the worst hearing problems ever!

There aren’t many things that alter your quality of life the way that Tinnitus does. At one point, my Tinnitus was so bad that I completely understood why people resort to addictions to numb the suffering of certain ailments.

Somehow I managed to just “deal with it” for a couple of years before it got so bad that I knew I needed to figure out how to get rid of the problem for good or I would go completely mad.

Before I get too far into this post, I wanted to tell you the exact kind of Tinnitus that I had before I figured out How To Heal My Tinnitus By Changing My Habits.

My tinnitus was not a loud constant ringing in my ears like most, it was Pulsatile, which is a pounding noise with each heartbeat…still a huge pain in the r-ear, hee hee, but a little more manageable than some of the other more annoying forms.

Some days it wasn’t very bad, and other days the sound was so loud that I literally could not hear the person sitting next to me.

When it was at its worst I remember thinking “how on earth do people live with this” but of course I was a busy mom, and put off going to the Doctor while trying to see what could be done on my own when I had time.

How To Get Rid Of Tinnitus?

Is what I kept asking myself… I am big on doing a little bit of research and doing some trial and error (only on things that are not life threatening) to see if I can’t figure out the cause myself and change my behavior whether it be a shift in diet, applying some common sense,  changing products I’m using, or a combination of many things.

Obviously I am no Doctor, and you should take my theories with a grain of salt and consult your own Doctor before you try anything.

I just know that I have not had to suffer from tinnitus for years now (and I had it for two years), so the things that I did to solve my problem could just be the answer that someone else out there is looking for.

After doing my own research on Tinnitus Remedies, here is what I did and why:

I stopped taking NSAIDs on a regular basis.

I read somewhere that regular NSAID use can trigger tinnitus and guess what I had been doing for the last couple of years? I had been taking Ibuprofen on a near daily basis trying to heal a pesky back injury that happened just after my youngest child was born.

Lifting that huge barrel by myself, and tweaking my back, did more damage that I could have ever imagined. I guess it was kind of a domino effect that my back injury led to Tinnitus.

So, what was I supposed to do to help my back heal besides taking oral anti-inflammitories?

I started with doing things that I knew would naturally reduce the inflammation in my body.

 I reduced my sugar intake (I have a wicked sweet tooth so that one was hard), and started drinking a gallon of water per day, I also read up on what foods to eat that have naturally anti-inflammatory properties and started incorporating them into my daily life.

These are super simple changes that pretty much anyone can do…and guess what. My back finally healed a few months after I started doing this. SCORE!

Next, I applied a personal theory and stopped showering too much.

I know that sounds crazy, but keep reading ;).

I have had this theory (not picking on anyone in particular, it’s just something I have noticed when talking to several other parents through the years) that the parents that are really strict about a daily night time bath time routine are also almost always the same parents that are always complaining about their kids having chronic ear infections.

I personally think that kids should be bathed as needed, if they haven’t been out rolling around in the dirt, and they don’t have body odor yet, they really don’t need a full on bath every day (washcloths and baby wipes suffice in between) especially right before bedtime.

The bedtime bath leaves moisture in the ears which can’t dry out when your head is pressed into a pillow which is why I think that ear infections are such a problem with these kids…moisture and warmth is a breeding ground for infection so it makes sense to me.

Anyway, I’ve had four kids (that were bathed as needed) and we have had a total of one teeny tiny ear infection that had to be checked out by the Dr and he just said to see if it would heal on its own before we would do anything, and it healed just fine…so that is my theory about ear infections.

Here is how I applied that theory to myself to help heal my tinnitus.

I noticed that my tinnitus got its very worst at the end of each summer right around the time that I was showering several times per day.

At the time, I was a really big girl, (I’ve dropped 60+ lbs since then, and am still not exactly little), but being sweaty in the summer heat really grossed me out so I would sometimes shower two or three times per day, one right before bed, and guess which ear had the worst tinnitus? The right ear which is the side that I was sleeping on.

So, I applied my theory to myself and started taking less showers/baths (wash cloths work on adults too, go figure) and then if I absolutely had to take one right before bed I made sure to sleep on my back so that my ears could dry out.

What do ear infections and tinnitus have in common?

I had read somewhere that many tinnitus sufferers had had many ear infections earlier in life so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try to keep my ears dry.

You may have the same issue as I did if you notice that your problem gets a bit better in the winter, which is when a home is filled with dry hot air, mine was always considerably better in the winter when the heater was running.

* I do recommend sleeping with a good quality fan on in your room, or even purchasing a dehumidifier for your bedroom, or blow drying your ears a little bit right before bed if you would like to really nip the extra moisture in the bud.

Oh, and maybe it’s a little overkill to suggest it, but bamboo is claimed to be naturally repel odors and allergens, so switching to some high quality bamboo pillow cases might not hurt either.*

These things I mention is all that I did, if you can believe it, and I haven’t had a problem with tinnitus since about two or three weeks after I started making these changes.

Like I said, take this with a grain of salt, I wrote this in hopes of showing you that sometimes we are doing things that are detrimental to our health, without even knowing it, and the solution doesn’t always require prescriptions or surgery… which saves a bunch of money.

How to heal pulsatile tinnitus.

Easy Tinnitus Relief Tips

Maybe it's silly, but I thought that I would give you guys a little printable card to help remind you what I did to heal my tinnitus.


  1. Stop taking Nsaids.
  2. Drink a gallon of water per day to flush out inflammation.
  3. Research anti-inflammatory foods, and apply them to diet.
  4. Stop bathing so much. Sponge baths and baby wipes are your friend.
  5. If shower is necessary just before bed, dry ears out really well or lay on your back to sleep.


These things are pretty simple and I hope that they help you as much as they helped me.

Did you make this project?

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Of course, like I mentioned before, always run things past your doctor before you do them, but these are some pretty simple changes that could drastically alter your quality of life for the better. They sure did mine…

I no longer have the hearing of an 80 year old, which is good considering I’m in my 30’s.

How To Get Rid Of Tinnitus.
How I Healed My Tinnitus Naturally.

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