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DIY Home Beverage Station

How to make a drink station for coffee/tea/cocoa/protein powder in your home. This DIY Home Beverage Station will class up the decor in your kitchen, all while getting it organized and decluttered all in one easy project.

How to make a drink station for coffee/tea/cocoa/protein powder in your home. DIY drink bar/station tutorial.
DIY Home Beverage Station.

If you know anything about me, you know that I am a sucker for any project that combines organization, gives a more minimalistic look, and just plain makes the area look cuter.

As luck would have it, this project more than covers all of those areas and it is one of the classier looking decor items in the house, so that is an added bonus.

How to make a Home Beverage Station/ Kitchen Coffee Station:

What you will need for this project: 

  • Shelves (build or buy links below for both options)
  • Glass Jars With Lids
  • Chalkboard Stickers & Marker
  • Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Protein

Optional things you will need for this project:

  • Syrups (great for soda too, but use them to make it “dirty” in coffee, tea, and protein shakes)
  • Tiered Tray To Organize
  • Coffee Mugs
  • Various Decor (gotta make it cute)

Now to see how this DIY Coffee/Tea/Cocoa/ Protein Bar got put together in still images.

Once you have decided what area that you want to create your beverage station in, you need to also figure out how you want to space everything out and kind of envision and draw out a plan…you will get much better results if you think ahead, trust me.

Getting things off of the counters,as much as possible, was the top priority for me, so shelving was a must.

These particular shelves were built using the Ana White Floating Shelf Plans (found here).

Floating shelves for kitchen beverage bar.

If you don’t want to build them yourself, or maybe building is just not an option, here are some other good options for shelving on Amazon:

Because these shelves will probably have quite a bit of weight on them, you will want to make sure you are either anchoring them to a stud in the wall, or that you use drywall anchors if you don’t have that choice.

Next, the decorative jars get filled with ingredients (Make sure that you have already washed/sanitized these and that they have had plenty of time to air dry).

You can use a collapsible funnel to make this part a little easier, otherwise just plan on it making a little bit more of a mess.

The jars used for this project were purchased at Dollar Tree.

Then, using a liquid chalk marker pen, write out the ingredients (as pretty as you can manage) onto Chalkboard Stickers.

Then add them to your jar lids. Try to center them on the circle lid as best you can.

See, this one’s just showing what it looks like on the jar.

When you’re done with all your labels all you do is decide how you want to arrange the jars on your shelves. I suggest putting the flavors that you use often on the lowest shelf.

Pick out and place any nick-knacks that you think will pretty it up.

Add some greenery or any colors that you want to make it pop.

DIY Home Beverage Station for coffee/tea/protein/ bar idea.
Home coffee/drink bar. Protein powder storage.
Home coffee bar.
Coffee bar ideas.

Another way to save on space, while decorating your drink station is to use a tiered tray of some sort. These trays not only make more of your supplies easier to see and get to, but it also adds a bit of charm.

The counter below the shelf is a great place to store any syrups that you may want to use too (the pumps for the syrups can be found here as well, in case you were wondering).

What do you think of this Home Coffee/Drink Station?

I personally adore this project so much! It really classes up the kitchen AND provides great organization at the same time…and we all know that minimalistic/functional decor is a total win in my book.

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Kitchen coffee bar.

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Kitchen Coffee Bar ideas.
Kitchen coffee/tea bar idea.
Home coffee bar ideas.
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