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Tip for Organizing Kids Clothes as They Outgrow Them

This is kind of a silly little organizational tip, but it saves me TONS of time, so I thought I’d share with you in case you are in need like I was. 
Kids outgrow their clothes so fast that it can be a nightmare to keep up with them.  My solution to this:
 I like to leave a tote, labeled with their current size, open at the top of their closet. This way, as I’m putting away the laundry I can just toss in any clothes as they outgrow them.
 This is handy since kids don’t outgrow things all at once…why aren’t all brands the same size? (I sure wish the clothing industry would get together and make universal sizes… it would be SO VERY HELPFUL…but that’s not going to happen anytime soon). Since I started doing this, it now takes me about 1/4th as much time to go through all the clothes and put the smaller size away to prepare to get out the larger size. I wish I had been doing this when my girls were babies and going up a size every 3 months…I wouldn’t have wasted hours upon hours of my life. 
*You may want to write it on a piece of tape (instead of just a sharpie on the container), unless you have all kids the same gender like I do.