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Simple Spring Party Decor Ideas

Sometimes I just want to kick Martha Stewart in the shins! No joke! As if we all don’t already feel inadequate in almost every way possible. She has us all believing that every little detail needs to be perfect for a party to be a success, but in reality…as long as you do your best to clean your house and maybe throw in a few fun touches, you can still have a fun and festive party. Unless you have super-shallow friends (in which case it may be time to find some new ones), your friends and family are coming over to see and spend time with you…not your house or your decor.

That being said, when we blessed our baby a couple of days ago and had a little luncheon at my home afterwards, I wanted there to be a little bit of springy and fun decor but I wanted to do it pretty inexpensively. My taste in decor is a bit on the rustic but classy side and I hope that I was able to at least somewhat convey that.

Now I show you how inexpensively I did my decor for the event. *Remember that I am more on the minimalist side*. I hope that it gives you some ideas to save money on your own party decor.

I had my husband pick up a single bunch of daisies at Costco (for around $18) and they were the main decor item. I just had to decide what to put them in.

Lately, this bucket has been sitting behind my kitchen sink collecting all of our compost items. I thought that since it served me so well in one of my most popular posts, that I’d give it a shot and see if it would work for my spring decor too. Obviously I washed it first… *I was able to make the daisies look fuller by inverting a bowl in the bottom of the bucket*. This was placed on the counter among the desserts. I didn’t dare leave the water in the bucket for more than a day due to possible rusting, but it was really pretty for the event. A smaller version of this would make simple and pretty centerpieces for a rustic wedding…just an idea I’m throwing out there.
I used a quart jar full of daisies for the main food table. Sorry, I had to take these pictures after the event because I ran out of time, but you get the gist. Notice I don’t even have a table cloth… I don’t currently have one and didn’t feel like buying one just for this event. Take that Martha! Ha ha!
I found this fun little planting basket/container at the DI for $1 a few weeks ago and was glad that it worked quite nicely for the utensils and napkins. There was also a cup full of forks in there at the first of the party.
Each bathroom too got a jar full of daisies. I purchased some new spring colored hand towels for a little touch of color. I was so excited to finally have an excuse to use my antique blue mason jar that I found at the DI a few months ago for 25¢.
Isn’t it pretty? I love it so much! It was by far my favorite decor item for the party.
Sorry, the pictures in this bathroom are a little on the dark side…that room is a cave with no windows and very poor lighting.
On an unrelated note, I wasn’t going to do a post on its own about our toilet paper basket, so I thought I’d show you that I recycled one of those gift baskets that come filled with fancy bath salts and lotions. I think that it serves us well…if only my girls would stop untying the bows. Little stinkers!
One final spring touch I added to the house was adding some left-over cherry blossoms from my spring wreath from last year, to my silver tea-pot (purchased a few years back at a yard sale for $2) and put it on the shelf with my silver tray turned antique mirror (the tray was at that same yard sale for a few bucks).  I would have liked to put pussy willows in there, but I think that the cherry blossoms work for spring and they didn’t cost me any additional money.
In case you missed it, that single bunch of daisies from Costco filled 2 pints and 1 quart jar, plus the bucket. I didn’t have time to make a new wreath before the party, but the one from last year got hung on the door and it was all good. Just a few fun touches of spring and it felt much brighter around here.
I hope I gave you some ideas so that maybe you won’t feel so self-conscious if things aren’t perfect at your house either. ~Sarah
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