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Five Of The Best Cleaning Tips On The Internet!!!

Spring cleaning is in full force at my house, so I thought that I would share with you guys some of my absolute favorite cleaning tips that I have found from around the internet.

One thing that I love about all of these cleaning tips is that they are all chemical-free, or nearly, and make my life so much easier so it’s win/win!

I did get permission from each author to use their photo and tell you guys a bit about each method, so I am just going to jump right in. Keep in mind, these are some of my fave’s, but in no particular order.

1.The BEST Way To Clean Your Vent/Register Covers.

Cleaning vent covers used to be the bane of my spring cleaning existence when I was younger… they can be a huge pain in the rear!! At least they were until I saw this AWESOME tip from Toni over at Design Dazzle.

She washes hers in the dishwasher, which I thought was such a genius idea! She has even more tips on exactly how she does it over on her site, so please stop by the full post to see the full tutorial how, you can find that here.  Oh, and you must not forget to vacuum down into the duct-work when you are doing this. I only do it once a year, but try not to forget to do it while the hole is open to clean the register covers.

2.The easiest, least messy, way to clean your ceiling fan blades.

This Tip saves me so much headache that I literally will never go back to cleaning my fan blades any other way. No joke, there is zero mess left over and every other method that I have tried requires me to vacuum the floor below afterwards… well, not anymore.

Head on over to one of the handiest websites on the internet, One Good Thing By Jillee and check out the tip, found here. Might I also add that Jill must be much cleaner than me, because my fans, when they’re dirty, are never as clean as her before photo. 😉

3. How to Clean Window Tracks Like A Pro, In No Time.

Window tracks get so gross! Even if you’re like me and are always vacuuming them out every time you vacuum a whole room. The problem with window tracks is that they get a gunky because anytime it rains or there is a wind storm they get all sorts of mud and buildup in there and it likes to stay put, even when you have let it dry and vacuum it out with your vacuums brush.

Luckily, it’s not that hard to soft-scrub them out and the tip to get them looking great again can be found over at The Intentional Mom, click here. Keep in mind that this works for the track of your sliding glass doors too. That may be common sense to some of you but I thought that I would mention it just in case it doesn’t come to mind right away.

4. The Painless Way To Wash Walls.

This time saving tip allows me to wash my walls, top to bottom, in less than 1/4th the amount of time that it would have taken me to use a bucket of soapy water and a rag.

I only clean my walls this way once a year,  right before I paint or as needed, but it is seriously such a helpful way to not get overwhelmed by my maybe sometimes over the top list of spring cleaning. That post can be found here. Shhhhh, it’s one own of my tips, but the vast majority of you are new followers so I thought I’d add it in there ;).

5. How To Clean Hard Water Stains.

Last but not least, you can clean around your sinks until the cows come home, but it you don’t know how to clean the hard water, that is inevitable, your faucets are still going to look dirty.

That is why I love this tip and the fact that you can do it without using harsh chemicals has huge appeal to me.  Head on over, here, to Ask Anna Moseley and see how she gets her hard water build up taken care of with minimal elbow grease.

Here are five of my cleaning tips that you will also not want to miss:

Now back to the rest of the post, pardon the interruption ;).

There you have it folks!

The five spring cleaning tips that you definitely need in your life to save you some serious time. If you don’t use them for spring cleaning, they are also super handy to know in general, or if you just want to step up your cleaning game.

Frankly, if I owned my own cleaning company I would make all of my employee’s read all of those posts and incorporate them into their routine because it would make them all more efficient, which means more profit.

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Here are linked pics to those five of my other cleaning tips that I mentioned earlier:

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