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Tackle that Cupboard above the Stove

Many of you have probably been wondering why I’ve been adapting so many recipes to fill specific sizes of jars.  The answer is simple, I have been working on a much needed project. In doing this, I wanted to:

    • Get rid of my spice rack as it is taking up precious counter space.
    • Be able to buy my herbs and spices in bulk to save money(and it’s healthier). This allows me to use the bulk section at Winco , Whole Foods, or buy them Organic online at Mountain Rose Herbs.
    • Build up a storage of herbs and spices (because I hate grocery shopping).
    • Make my least favorite cupboard in the kitchen my favorite cupboard. 
    • Make it easy to see what I need to buy more of.
    • Have a much less chaotic way to organize all the herbs and spices. I wanted to be able to open this cupboard and not have anything fall out.   
That being said, here is what I came up with:
I added shelves to the back of my over the oven/stove cupboard.
Also added a rack to the left-hand side cupboard door.
And added these racks to the right-hand side cupboard door.

What they they look like together.

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I still have room to put my oils, sweeteners, and vinegars in front of the back shelves.

What it all looks like when I open my cupboard.
I put the items that I need even more of (in quart jars)above the cereal stuff.

Supplies used :

    • I use a Standard Black Sharpiefor writing on my jars (if you use a smaller/ultra fine tip it rubs right off for some reason).
    • Old Paint Brush
    • White Paint Leftover from my pantry paint job.
    • Boards leftover from my pantry shelving project (these were used to make the shelf supports as well).
    • Hammer
    • Saw (thanks for lending it to me Hannah)
    • Measuring Tape
    • Pencil
    • Paper
    • My husband… I couldn’t have done it without his help.
    • Level
    • Finishing nails. Make sure they’re not too long or they will go through to your adjoining cupboards.
    • Wood Glue to secure the shelves to the supports (let dry before painting).
For all my spice mixture recipes, they can be found in My Recipe Box.
*Please keep in mind that the recipes shouldn’t completely fill the jar, I like to leave a little headroom so that all you have to do is put the lid on and just shake to mix).


If you’d still like to be able to use a shaker style top on your (regular mouth) jars you can do this… a Parmesan cheese lid fits perfectly. (I doubt it’s bpa free, but at least you have the option)