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Stunning Outdoor Swing Make-Over

I am such a sucker for making something old into something new, so I was delighted when my friend Stephanie showed me how her old free-standing children’s swing transformation had turned out. It is DARLING! I guarantee it looks even better than how it looked when it was brand new. Anyway, I just wanted to share it with you all too, so that maybe you could get some inspiration about recycling some of your outdoor furniture.

Stunning Outdoor Swing Make-Over

Like I said, hers was a Children’s swing, but it would be the same thing, only bigger, for an adult sized swing make-over. Stephanie is a professional photographer and refinished the swing to use as an awesome unique prop. Well, I gave you a taste, but the whole tutorial for the transformation can be found on her blog here, make sure to check it out and also follow her. She’s one of the most talented people I know, so she is going to be sharing even more great things later on.

Check out Stephanie’s site:
 Stunning Outdoor Swing Make-Over

I’ve been a little slow getting to a fun Patriotic post that I’m working on, but bear with me and I should have it up this week. Thanks for stopping by! ~Sarah

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