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Coat Closet Turned Pretty (Canning) Second Pantry & Coat Closet Phase 3, The Reveal

Well, here it is! My ultra organized coat closet that is now also a pretty second pantry for my mason jars and all the canning supplies. It really doesn’t need many words, just scroll through and see.

The very bottom shelf leaves enough room for us to store larger jars on the floor if we’d like to in the future.
And just for fun, A picture of the before and after together so that you can see just how big of a change it was. I didn’t show it with our jackets and such because they look kinda junky…we don’t exactly have fancy clothing, but I’m sure you can imagine it all on the hooks.
All in all, it turned out about 95% of the way I wanted it to, so not bad! My finishing skills are definitely improving but not completely perfect…yet. I’ll keep at it though.
I have to keep stopping myself from opening the closet every time I walk by because I’m so excited to have it done and about how well it turned out. Now to give myself a break for a week or so and I’ll be doing my next project…which will be sprucing up the exterior of my front door, so make sure to check back for that later. -Sarah
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