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Clean Eating Kettle Corn Recipe

In mid-April I set a goal to cut processed sugar from my diet until my 30th birthday which is in November. I have struggled with the weight roller coaster for  my entire 20’s (having four babies and fighting with depression will do that) and I refuse to struggle with it in my 30’s. Since I am completely addicted to processed sugar…it has been tough! When I say addicted, I’m not using that term casually either. Those first few weeks after I cut it from my diet, it is all I could think about. That tells me that I have a really big problem and I am trying to get it under control. Part of getting it under control is finding healthier alternatives, so I have been playing around with ingredients to make this challenge to myself more bearable.

This particular recipe is pretty yummy! My kids have been begging me to make it for them almost every day lately. My favorite part about it is that when it is cooking it smells like the mall does around Christmas time because of the roasted sweetened nuts.

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I make this in a Stovetop Popper. They’re awesome and a necessity since I love popcorn and we don’t do the microwave thing.

2 T Virgin Coconut Oil
2 T Natural Maple Syrup
½ C Popping Corn
1/8 tsp Apple Pie Spice

Warm the Popper on the stove on low to medium heat. Before it’s too hot add the Coconut Oil and maple syrup. Once this mixture is bubbling pretty good, carefully add the popping corn and apple pie spice. Crank the popper as needed until all the kernels have popped. Salt if desired. Serving while warm tastes best!

*It’s a little hard to not scorch it when you use maple syrup. So turn down the heat and watch it closely.

Here are some pics of the process:

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