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Big Batch Patriotic Flag Rice Crispy Treats With Basic Tutorial

I know that I’m breaking some big cardinal rule of blogging by not having this post up weeks before memorial day, and gasp…more than a week AFTER the fourth of July, but I just didn’t have the time to get to it until now. Also, since the majority of my posts take about two years (blogging has sure taught me patience) to take off, I figured that it really doesn’t matter all that much when I got it posted.

Anyway, I’ve seen several variations of flag rice crispy treats, but never in such a large scale. You have to do things a bit differently when doing it in bulk, so I was worried that I would need another set of adult hands to do them without them breaking, but they turned out just fine going solo.

I started out by covering three cookie sheets with Non-stick Foil. I realized that even though they were clean, my ten-year-old cookie sheets were looking pretty gnarly so I didn’t want anyone to be too grossed out.

Next, I put a long layer of waxed paper in the bottoms of each pan with a bit extra on each side so that it would be easy to lift the entire batch out all at once…which makes it easier to work with. The waxed paper did stick a bit, so I think that next time I’ll just use more Non-stick Foilfor that part.

Next, I made three separate batches of my Full Cookie Sheet Rice Crispies Recipe, one regular, one with red food coloring, and one with blue food coloring.

I let those set and while they were setting I washed my giant quilting rulerand got out my Chopper/Scraper so they’d be ready(the chopper is going to need to be buttered along the edge many times). I pulled the full sheet of treats out of each cookie sheet and started cutting 2″ strips. Though, I was just eyeballing about how big they should be and my top stripe is a little big, so I’d maybe do it 2&1/4 or 1/2″ strips next time.
Then layered the strips in the cookie sheets.
I kept layering until I got to where I thought the blue section should go and cut the remaining colors directly in half. This made it easy to cut the rest of the stripes out.

Next, I used one of the left-over portions of the blank space, as a stencil for the blue part of the flag. I hope that makes sense…hopefully it does with the accompanying picture.

I found that it was easier to cut the stars out of the blue portion when it was already added to the cookie sheet. I used the third to the largest star cutter out of this package. The cutter will need to be greased frequently, I used cooking spray for mine.

The “white” stars were then cut out and wiggled snugly into the blue part. The cutter is kinda sharp so I put a clean cloth over it while I was cutting out the stars so I wouldn’t cut myself. Also, I didn’t want them to look quite so choppy, so I threw them back in the oven at 170 degrees for five minutes and with greased hands tried to soften the seems a bit.

So here they are!
I’m sure that one of you will make some that look even better than mine, but this was a pretty good first attempt. My girls even enjoyed this because they had a blast cutting out all the scraps with various cookie cutters and they did a fair amount of munching while they were at it. So it was win/win! ~Sarah

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