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The Pillow Test

Sometimes it takes hearing it from someone with much more experience than ourselves to know when it is time to say good-bye to certain household items. Some things should last forever, but others really should have some type of expiration date because how else are we to know whether or not they are still good to use?

The Pillow Test. An Inn-Keeper's Secret To Know When It's Time To Replace Them. More popular household and cleaning tips found on

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Which is why I am super excited to share with you all this neat little trick that you can use to test your pillows so that you too will know when it is time to replace them before they get too old and worn-out.  

This is one of those things that it is kind of better to see “in real life” than to get a bunch of still images of, so my husband and I put together a little video to show you.

Below it I will also have some written text so those of you that maybe can’t watch a video right now (maybe while you’re at work or something), will at least get the gist. You can always come back and watch the video later ;).

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Here is the gist of the video:

My Inn-Keeper friend recently showed me this cool little trick that she does to see if she needs to replace her pillows.  You take a pillow and fold it in half and if snaps back open it is still good. However, if you fold a pillow in half and it just stays there, it is definitely time to replace it.

How simple is that? I thought, who better to know when it is time to replace your pillow than someone that has operated a Bed and Breakfast for a very long time? I thought it was such a cool tip that when I got home and told my kids about it they ran around the house and gathered every single pillow that we had and guess how many pillows passed? One…in the entire house! I really felt like I sucked as a parent when I realized just how much in need of good pillows that the kids were, so I went to the store and found a good brand that was on sale and they were only slightly more expensive than the cheapest ones that Wal-Mart had (I prefer to buy quality over the cheapest so I was pretty happy to find a good deal on a high-quality brand).

After that the kids informed me that it was like sleeping on a cloud. Ha ha! It’s kinda funny/sad because they needed them so badly, but at least now there is no excuse. I know better and we won’t have to sleep on pancake pillows anymore because now I can justify the expense when the pillows fail the test and we will know it is  time to replace them.

What do you guys think? I hope I wasn’t the only one that only had one pillow pass the test. If you thought this was helpful, please make sure to share it on social media. I just got things set up properly so it can now be shared on twitter too. Thanks for stopping by!~Sarah

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