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Taco Seasoning Mix (to fill pint jar)

*Hey there, thanks for stopping by my website. This article is super old, so it has been archived as I no longer update it…so proceed if you wish…but it is definitely not my best work. Please stop by my home page, here, and see some of my better content. Thanks! ~Sarah*

I got this recipe from one of my favorite blogs… the original recipe just didn’t quite fill the jar as much as I had hoped it would, so I’ve adapted it to fill a pint jar a bit better(only because I only want to have to make this once a year or two). 

1(Scant) Cup Chili Powder
1/2 (Scant)Cup Onion Powder
1/4(Scant) Cup Cumin
2 T Paprika
2 T Sea Salt

Layer all ingredients in a pint jar. Put a lid on, and shake until well mixed. 
Make sure to shake before each use to keep spices mixed properly. Also, the notes in the original recipe read :Three Tablespoons of  mix is equal to one 4-ounce package of taco seasoning mix. I would recommend adding 3 Tablespoons of mix to one pound of browned ground meat for tacos. 3 Tablespoons is the equivalent to one packet of mix (for those recipes that call for a packet).

****Please be careful that these spices don’t get on you, some chili powder got on my arm and it’s still burning an hour later even after washing.******Make sure to check out all of my recipes adapted to fill jars**