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Recycle Those Large Jars, They’ll Re-Seal When Used to Oven Can Dry Goods

I’ve thought about doing this post for a really LONG time. Not quite sure why I didn’t just buckle down and try this idea out before now, but here it is…finally.
I’ve been oven canning my dry goods for the past several months, that is, until I got a Foodsaver that will do a bunch of the sealing for me. However, the only issue that I have with the foodsaver is that you can only reseal/reuse smaller jars, such as spaghetti or alfredo sauce jars, any larger than that you just have to either get rid of your jars or get creative with them. 
I’ve been saving my larger jars for a while and just last week tried my luck at oven canning one of those HUGE (80+ oz) Pickle jars and also an old Artichoke Heart jar. Thankfully, this four hour endeavor was successful! I was able to get a perfect seal on both jars, and a week later, they are still sealed. I’m so excited about it! Finally, something I can do to recycle all of those jars, and it also furthers our preparedness! Score!
I didn’t realize that the pickle jar wasn’t entirely full until after I had sealed it…so make sure you do a better job (than I did) about filling them to the top.

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Anyway, I just thought that I would share my new-found use for all of the large jars that I have been saving. This is perfect for the dry goods that we use more of, as I can use one pickle jar instead of sealing up a handful of smaller jars. Now, to buy more stuff so that I can finish sealing the rest of my pickle jars…I’ve been collecting them a while, I still have 9 of them to do…
For directions on how to oven can your dry goods, check out these two links:
*Remember, Oven canning is only a good option for certain dry goods, always use the proper equipment when canning! Do your research!*