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Just Add Popcorn To Your Food Storage, In Mason Jars


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I LOVE me some popcorn! It has been one of my most favorite snacks since I was just a little girl. Especially when coupled with peanut m&m’s it’s so YUMMY! That being said, I decided long ago that it is a must-have for our food storage. Not just because I love it, but because buying it in bulk will save us a ton of money over time. I’m a huge fan of the bulk section at Winco Foods and I was able to get a 25 lb bag of yellow popcorn there for around $17. Which is great considering that the 5 lb container at Costco is $8+ (so that same amount of 25 lbs at Costco would be upwards of $40…yikes!).

Honestly, the prices on bulk foods at Winco are so good that it’s worth the trip. Or to as least drive a bit out of your way to stop at one and stock up as much as you can.

This is what the bag that I got at Winco looks like. It can be found in the bulk foods section. 

I vacuum seal all of my dry goods in mason jars and that is exactly what I did with the popcorn. If you would like to see my tutorial on how to do that, go here. One big reason I do these posts is so that I know, for future reference, just how many jars and lids I am going to need to wash and have ready when it comes time to do popcorn (or whatever particular food item) again.

Having a canning funnel was a life-saver this time! It was so much easier to just pour the contents of the bag into the jar, rather than pouring the contents into a large bowl and then scooping it out little by little…like I have had to in the past (just so that I wouldn’t make a mess). I finally bought one when I was making jelly this past summer and it was one of those purchases that make you wonder why you waited so long.  If you don’t have one yet, you need to get one. They can be found here.
I got all my jars sealed and dated, except for the one that my girls insisted on us cracking open before I had even finished up. The 25 lb bag perfectly filled 14 quart jars. After I sealed them I left them on the counter over night to see if any of the seals came undone and there was a single jar that needed re-sealed. So, I took care of that by re-sealing it and then I had the hubs put them all where we store the bulk food. Normally I would do that myself, but I’m getting to the huge stage of this pregnancy, so I take all the help I can get.
I estimate this to be about a two year supply of popcorn for my family. One food storage item down and about 200 more to go…little by little…I’m going to get it all done eventually.
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