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16 Simple Farmhouse Christmas Décor Ideas

My favorite part of Christmas time is the decorating, and my favorite type of Decor is Farmhouse themed!

The best part of this particular Christmas Decor that I found, it that it’s all super easy, and/or budget friendly, will get us crafting, and makes our houses feel super “homey”.

16 Simple Farmhouse Christmas Decor Ideas
16 Simple Farmhouse Christmas Decor Ideas

I’m just going to jump right into these. The title (of each decor item) should be a direct link to each of these awesome DIY/Decor items…but if there is ever an issue with a link not working properly, please let me know so that I can fix it…I am human after all and do make mistakes.

Here we go, 16 Simple Farmhouse Christmas Décor Ideas (the title is a link to that decor idea):

1. Mason Jar Lid Christmas Wreath Ornament Craft

Mason Jar Canning Lid Rustic Christmas Wreath Craft

Mason canning jar lid Christmas Wreath Ornaments are great for giving your tree that homemade rustic feel, and can be customized with any color fabric. I especially like this one because it’s easy enough for kids to make too AND it can be made in whatever colors you want to match your decor…I’d even try a burlap ribbon to make it even more “farmhousy”.

2. Easy Christmas Garland

Star Christmas Craft Garland, Rustic

This easy Christmas garland will be the perfect addition to your Holiday decor. It is such a simple way to dress up small spaces and give them some Christmas flair.

3. DIY Wood Snowman

Easy-DIY-Wood-Snowman Exterior Christmas or Winter Decor

This cutie is not only a fun Christmas porch decoration, but is also so incredibly easy to make.

4. Burlap Ribbon Christmas Tree


If you love rustic decor, you will absolutely adore this burlap ribbon Christmas Tree craft. They are perfect for holiday decor or holiday gifting!

5. Reindeer Buffalo Plaid Christmas Pillow Cover

DIY deer buffalo plaid Christmas pillow

This festive and pretty Reindeer Buffalo Plaid Christmas Pillow Cover is a fun and cute project that will dress up your room for Christmas. Bring the festivity to your home while enjoying a special and cozy space.

6. Neutral Christmas Decorations

Neutral Farmhouse Christmas Decoration Ideas

Neutrals are a favorite to use in home decorating because they can be kept in your home all season long. Use these pieces to decorate for Christmas, and leave them up through winter to keep your home a cozy, welcoming space everyone will love! This one’s perfect for those that just want the farmhouse look, but don’t necessarily want to craft.

7. Rustic ‘Our Home Believes’ Christmas Sign

Farmhouse Christmas Decor Our Home Believes DIY Sign

A small and simple piece of Holiday decor inspired by the movie The Polar Express.

8. DIY Christmas Snow Scene Jar

DIY Christmas Scenery Jar Farmhouse Winter Decor

Bring some Holiday Magic into your own home with this cute DIY Christmas scene.

9. DIY Red Christmas Gnome on Skis

DIY red christmas gnome on skis png

A Christmas Gnome Decoration that is sure to delight everyone.

10. Painted Mason Jar Decor You Can Make in Minutes

Farmhouse Decor DIY Painted Mason Jars

Create a Mason Jar Farmhouse Centerpiece in minutes! Switch out the greenery to match any season, holiday or color scheme.

11. DIY Reindeer Christmas Sign

DIY Farmhouse Decor Christmas Reindeer Sign

Christmas is one of the most fun Holidays to decorate for. DIY Christmas decorations are a great way to decorate your home on a budget. This DIY Reindeer Sign is super easy to make and so cute!

12. DIY Cloche Ornament

DIY Cloche Ornament Farmhouse Decor

This DIY Cloche Ornament is shatterproof, and a wonderful addition to Homemade Christmas Ornaments. With a few basic materials you can make several variations of this ornament. Perfect for your tree or a hostess gift.

13.  Farmhouse Style Christmas Sign

This unique plaid deer Christmas sign will fit in perfectly with your farmhouse holiday decor! This DIY Christmas sign is made in four EASY steps.

14. Wood Slice Trees for Christmas

Wood slice christmas tree, farmhouse decor diy

If you love all things rustic, you might want to make some wood slice trees for your Christmas decor. They are easy to make and you will love adding a few of these to your mantel or even as a holiday centerpiece.

15.  Free Printable “Jingle All The Way” Wall Art

Free Printable Jingle All The Way Wall Art
Free Printable Jingle All The Way Wall Art

A super easy and free printable that can be used as home decor, or you could even save the image and use it to personalize your Holiday cards. The traditional red and green go with anything!

 16. Rustic Christmas Printables

Using Printables to decorate for Christmas is a quick and simple way to add festive decor to your home. Here are three different Rustic Christmas printables for you!

That’s the end of the Christmas decor that I wanted to share today.

I have been fantasizing about having each and every one of these projects in my home.

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16 Simple Farmhouse Christmas Decor
16 Simple Farmhouse Christmas Decor

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