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Ziploc Brand Freezer Bags: Why you need them on hand for emergencies.

Last night I was doing some looking around and found out that Ziploc brand freezer bags are BPA freeI’m so excited! I love Ziploc bags, but was very skeptical about continuing to use them because I was worried about keeping food in a bag that could possibly contain BPA. You may be wondering what BPA is and why I’m trying to avoid it, if that’s the case, check out this link. Anyway,
Freezer bags are wonderful to have on hand for emergencies because you can cook in them (with no clean-up).  For example, all you need is a pot of boiling water and a Ziploc freezer bag and you can make yourself a meal (Here is a cookbook dedicated to freezer bag cooking). Just toss all of your ingredients into the bag, seal it up, and toss it into the boiling water. The bag won’t melt. This is super handy if you have a situation that requires you to use as little water as possible. You don’t have to waste water cleaning a pan, plus you now have hot water to make cocoa with or just use it to wash other dishes or take a sponge bath. I learned about freezer bag cooking at a breakfast party for my church. We had an omelet bar, which was awesome! Every person was given a bag and then decided which ingredients they wanted for their personal omelet. Then, they used a Sharpie and wrote their name on the bag before tossing it into the boiling water. Best idea ever!!! Anyway, this is why I think that Ziploc brand Freezer bags are a must for emergency preparedness. 

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*Saran brand Wrap is also BPA free…just a side note.*

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