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Sisters Shared Bedroom Scrabble Tile Art

When I told my five year old that I was going to be working on this art project, as a decoration for her room, she responded “Good, our walls are so BLAH!”. It caught me so off-guard that she had such a strong opinion about it that I’ve been chuckling about it any time I have thought about it since. She’s such a silly kid!

Anyway, I’ve been seeing more and more scrabble tile art on Pinterest the last few months, so I thought I’d try my hand at it. I like that it encourages spelling, so it’s a perfect thing to have in a kids bedroom.

This was a really inexpensive project. I think that total out of pocket was around $10 because I had so much on hand and found good deals on everything else. I’m going to take you through the steps that I took but also give you a couple of pointers for what I would change, or do better, if I were to do it again.

I started off with a picture frame that I’ve had for a while but haven’t been using, so that was free. I knew that I wanted to go for a bit of a shabby look, I’m totally obsessed with burlap lately, so I went to Joann’s and looked to see if I could find anything that would work. I wanted some hot pink, light pink, or fuchsia, but all they had were basic colors so I didn’t buy any.  About a week later, I was thinking about it some more and remembered that I had some off-white burlap left over from my Patriotic Summer Wreath this year.
I thought that I’d maybe try dying it with RIT to see if that would give me the color that I wanted and it totally worked! Yay! Problem solved! Here’s what I did:
I didn’t want to dye all of the fabric so I cut it down so that it was just larger than the frame.
I used 6 cap-fulls of Fuchsia Rit Dye, a half cup of salt, and about 1.5 Gallons of Hot Water. I left it in the dye for about 25 minutes. I’m so excited that dying the burlap worked! It gives me endless possibilities for future projects!
Once it was done in the dye-bath, it was rinsed really well (in the washer…don’t do it) and then I let it hang dry.
While that was drying, I worked on the frame. I was really excited to finally have a use for my Painter’s Pyramid Stands that my mom bought me the last time she was in town. They are pretty awesome!
I found this half-full can of pink paint in the As-Is/Returns section at my local Home Depot. It was $2.00 and I bought it especially for this project. There was so much left over that I’ll be able to do several more projects for the girls room with it…Score!
It took 4 coats of paint to get the color that I wanted peeking through the top coat of paint. This pic is showing one coat.
This is with all four coats of pink paint.
I had some Lace colored chalky finish paint (Americana Decor Brand) left over from my Cedar Chest Re-do so I decided to dry-brush some over the top of the pink. I wanted the pink to be peeking through, especially in the areas that have the “bead work”. Remember, I said I was going for Shabby and that’s what I got.
Next I had to work on the burlap some more. When I rinsed the fabric, I was being lazy and put it in the washing machine. It frayed the edges a ton…oops.
To fix this I had to cut around the edges.
Next, I measured the fabric around the glass that I was going to be attaching it to, and cut it to fit a bit better. Then I ironed the burlap. If I were to do it again, I would starch the burlap really well so that it was even more wrinkle free and much more firm. The end result would have been even better.  At this point, I would also attach some black construction paper to the glass so that it would have that as a better backing. I noticed that if the light hits it just right, the glass shines through the burlap and it doesn’t look quite as good as it could.
I wrapped the burlap around the glass and just used some clear tape to hold it in place.
Next, I added it to the frame. It was now ready to add my scrabble letters. I played around with my scrabble tiles for a while and then tried to space them evenly from the edges. I then just used a hot glue gun to attach each individual letter. *Make sure that your frame is not upside down before you attach letters. I totally did this and had to flip it after I was done because the part that I needed to use to hang the picture with was at the bottom.*
Oh, I forgot to mention that I got the scrabble set for this project at the DI for $2. It was the second project that I’ve used that same set for and I think that if I get creative enough I will be able to get at least one more project out of it. I would never use one that I had spent full retail price on. If you’re keeping an eye out you can find one for cheap at a thrift store or a yard sale.
Then I hung it and now we get to enjoy it. The girls seem pretty excited to have their names on the wall so that’s an added bonus! All in all, it was a pretty fun little project. I hope that my five year old no longer thinks that the walls in their room are BLAH…lol!  I’ve got so much to do to their room (their matching quilts were the first step) I just have to take it one step at a time.
If you’re following my facebook feed, you probably already know that we’re expecting baby #4 some time in January (due Feb 2 but I always go pretty early). We’ll most likely be splitting the kids into two bedrooms once the baby is out of our room, so I’ll probably have to change it up a bit in about 18 months. However, since the whole project was so inexpensive, I won’t feel bad about having to re-do any of it.