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Salted vs. Unsalted Butter, Why I switched TO Salted Butter

That’s right. I switched to using Salted Butter…here’s why:
A while back I was reading a post, from one of my favorite blogs, about her view on which fats are healthy. This blogger mentioned that Salted Butter, in her opinion, can be healthier than Unsalted Butter. This piqued my interest because of the way excess sodium is frowned upon in our diets. I had just naturally assumed that the unsalted would be healthier. However, this blogger pointed out that Unsalted Butter usually has an added preservative, while Salted Butter does not because the salt is used as a natural preservative.  The very next time I went to the grocery store I looked on the back of both butter’s packaging and low and behold…she was right. So, I switched right then and there. I would much rather have the salt be my preservative than who knows what else.  Anyway, now I just make sure to omit the added salt to a recipe when I use Salted Butter. This is just another easy way to cut out yet another preservative from my family’s diet. Next time you go to buy some butter, take a look and tell me what you think.

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