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Safety Talk Reminder For Pre-K To Early Graders

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My oldest is now in school full day and in anticipation of the school year, I decided that we needed to do a little bit of emergency prep. I’m always worried that I’m not going to cover all of the important issues that we should be talking about. Plus, I don’t want to scare her to death by going too in depth about some things, so I was left with a bit of uncertainty on how to handle what I wanted her to know.

After doing some searching around I found a well-reviewed moviefor she and her siblings to watch. I settled on a movie because it’s something that should keep them pretty entertained, and much to my surprise, it kept them so entertained that they watched the whole 50+ minutes of it several times and they keep singing the songs. Since I had already bought it and my friend has kids the same ages as mine, I thought it would be silly for her to have to buy it as well, so we invited them over to watch it too. Her kids were also pretty glued to it. Which is awesome!

I like that it teaches kids to trust their own judgment and when they feel that something isn’t right to follow their gut.  I like that it talks about not just adults being a threat, but that sometimes it is bigger/other kids trying to get them to do things. I like that it teaches them what to do if they get lost. I like that it teaches them that they are the boss of their own body…there’s even a catchy song about it. My two year old is so funny, she now goes around the dinner table to each person, looks them in the eye while calling them by name and says “You’re the boss of your own body, ok?”… it makes me laugh just thinking about it, but at least she got the message, right?

Anyway, spending a little money to cover these touchy subjects (no pun intended) was well worth it because now it relieved the anxiety I was having about talking about it and the movie addressed things I hadn’t even thought about. It also covered things pretty tastefully and is made fun enough that they wanted to watch it again and again. I’m happy with the purchase, so I thought I’d share for any of you other nervous parents out there that may have the same anxieties. Obviously you don’t need to go the same route I did, but this is my little reminder for you to go over some things with your kids so that they will be more safe. What better time to go over it than the beginning of the school year? ~Sarah

P.S. If you’d like to buy this movie too, in case you missed the links throughout the post,  you can get it here. I went with a digital copy because I find that if I buy a disc I end up buying it several times because the kids scratch or lose it.

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