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Burlap Patriotic Wreath For Summer, With Basic Tutorial

I really wish I could start this post out with a Patriotic Toby Keith song playing in the back-ground, but I have no idea how to make that happen…so just pretend k?  Only kidding! It was time to take down my spring wreath (the cherry blossom and fuschia burlap one) and get something up for this summer. I don’t currently have the time to make a new wreath for every single holiday (plus that’s kinda wasteful if you do a new one every holiday, every year), so I’ve been trying to do them seasonally. I think that having a Patriotic wreath is a perfect choice for a summer wreath. That is because there is a Patriotic Holiday in May, July, and September. Which means that this thing is going to be staying on my door until  the week of Labor Day…just in time for a wreath for my favorite season FALL, YAY!   Anyway, I got my inspiration for this wreath from this darling mason jar decor idea (it’s super cute so make sure to check it out).

I think it turned out pretty close to what I was shooting for. I really wish that the Joann’s out here had a better selection, but I did the best I could with my, small town, limited options.  I saved money on this project by using a couple of coupons, but it was still quite a bit pricier than it needed to be since I was experimenting and wasn’t sure how much I would need of all the materials. I will try to list how much of each thing I used so that if you’d like to make one too, you won’t be buying way too much. Below is a basic tutorial, so for those of you that need it, make sure to keep reading.

After doing a load of dishes (so that it could be doing its thing while I work), I started out gathering some supplies. 
Keeping these yahoo’s busy is half the battle to getting projects done. So, I let them paint some rocks with some paints that I bought at a yardsale a couple of years ago…one problem solved. The baby was put down for a nap, so now I could begin.
I made 3″ strips of this off-white burlap. I had bought two yards and cut two lengths of it. It is later sewn together so that the two lengths are one strip that is 3″ by about 4 yards.
Next I frayed the newly cut edge, and cleaned up the already frayed edge to my desired length.
I was not expecting to make such a big mess, so you’ve been warned!
Next was the cut the striped fabric. I decided that I wanted to cut it on a slight angle.
I started out with 2 & ¼” strips but later decided to go with 1 & ¼” strips instead so I had to cut them down further. I did two strips of the full 2 yard length of this material. It was then sewn in to one large 4 yard long strip.
This is me sewing the burlap strips together. I did the sewing all in a row…If you haven’t noticed yet, I’m big on time management, so I lump as many “like” tasks together as possible.
Next I put my sewing machine on the loosest settings and ran a line straight down the middle of the striped material. When I was done doing that, I pulled on the bottom string to give the fabric a slight ruffle. If I were to do it again I’d ruffle it even more and a bit more evenly.
Then, centering it the best I could, I sewed the striped strip into the center of the burlap strip. This project was my first experience standing while sewing since the kids were at the table and I couldn’t leave them alone to do it in my office…I don’t recommend it, you have much less control of the material…and it’s just awkward.
Then I started wrapping my wreath. This was 18″ Grapevine.
I folded the ends under, and then attached it with basic crafting wire.
Next, I used some (I think it’s 3″ wide, could be 2.5″…sorry) Offray brand Blue Burlap Wired Ribbon to make my bow. Remember, everything I used today was purchased at Joann’s.
 My limited bow-making skills are improving a little. On this post, I made this bow with a little help from this Making Decorative Bows Tutorial. For every loop of the bow it took about a foot of ribbon, so this bow used about 9 feet of ribbon. I’d be a little more generous than that if you plan on buying the stuff to make one.
Next I snipped the bow ends down to my desired length.
The bow was then attached to the grapevine with more crafting ribbon.
Next step was to sew the white star buttons into the ribbon. I think I would place them a little differently if I were to do it again. I gave you a close-up of the package that the stars come in. I bought out all they had, otherwise I think I may have done a few more or even added some smaller ones too…which they didn’t have. Next all you do is re-arrange the bow, that got smooshed when sewing the stars on, and you are done! 
Here it is again, & here it will stay ’til September. 😉
 Happy Memorial Day, by the way! Sorry that I’m just now doing this post when I should have gotten to it at least a week ago…such is the life of a crazy busy mom to several small children.
I hope you like it, and please make sure to share if you do!