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My Top 3 Reasons, That Have Nothing To Do With Camping, To Buy A Camping Trailer

 The more kids I have, the more anxious I get about emergency preparedness.  To me, getting a trailer for this reason is a no-brainer. I’m always thinking about what I would do if                               fill in the blank with a worst case scenario in which we couldn’t provide the basics (food, water, clothing, shelter) for our children. Maybe that’s pessimistic, but my kids will be much better off if Mom and Dad are thinking this way and doing something about it.
These are my top three, have nothing to do with camping, reasons to think about making the purchase of a trailer.

  1. Many people seem to think that emergency preparedness is only for natural disasters…yes, it’s important to prepare for those, but there are so many other things that could happen. I think that the #1 reason to have a camping trailer is so that if something extreme were to happen (IE job loss and loss of home), you’d at least have beds, and a roof over their heads, & a way to cook for all of your children. I hope it will never come to the point that we need the trailer for that, but I’d rather be safe than sorry.*Remember that getting into a large amount of debt to buy a trailer is a huge no no(debt payments are LAME)! The whole point is to have something that is yours, that a bank can never take away. It’s a home that you actually own! Buy something old and basic as your first, and then restore it as you have the money, or upgrade later when you’ve saved up the money to buy something nicer.
  2. In case of an evacuation, having a fully stocked camping trailer would be a life-saver. Just imagine that everyone in your area needed to pack up and hit the road as soon as possible. While everyone else is scrambling trying to get everything (emergency gear, food, camping supplies, bedding, clothing, + all their family keepsakes) ready to go, you have a trailer that just needs to be attached to your vehicle, grab a few items from the house, and you are on the road within just a few minutes (I plan on putting bob in there, having a decent amount of food storage, water storage, and basic clothing for each family member in there too. It’ll also be quick to grab my cedar chest full of our memories that has been previously prepared for this too). Which also means that you should be able to beat most traffic jams (this is the absolute worst time you could possibly be stuck in a traffic jam). Being prepared in this manner, could possibly save your families lives. Plus, I don’t know about you, but I’d rather sleep in my trailer than on the floor/a cot at some church or school.
  3. Trailers retain their value really well (I’m not talking about a huge toy-hauler that drops in value significantly the first 10 years, I’m talking about some of the older ones that either retain most of their value, or can increase quite a bit if you were to restore it). What a good little insurance policy. If you absolutely had to, assuming that you’ve taken care of it, you could sell your trailer to cover any major, unforeseeable, expenses. I would hope that this were a very last option & very worst case scenario because there are so many other good reasons to always have a trailer. 

What if we can’t just come up with the money…you may ask? To that I say, there is almost always money for what we consider a priority. Whatever we deem as important, we always make sure there is money for. I’m talking about, whether it be expensive habits like drinking, smoking, $6 cups of coffee, overeating, buying name brand clothing, video games, or buying movies…most people can cut back way more and that will free up the money that you’d need to buy a trailer. This one, from 1966, cost us $750, but you may be able to find one for around $500 (or less if you’re lucky enough to have a relative or friend that has one they’d be willing to get rid of. You may even be able to trade working it off so it would basically be free). So, cut back for a couple/few months and save up for a trailer. Some people may even let you make payments. If you must make payments, REMEMBER that if you can’t pay it off within a couple of months, you can’t afford it!!! Save up! Make it a priority! Make it happen!

*On a side-note. We are going to be restoring this trailer over the course of the next year, as extra funds become available, so make sure to check back on my blog and look for the progress! If it turns out half as awesome as I am imagining it, it’ll be more than worth coming back to see.