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Fall Favorites

What I do when a recipe calls for a spice cake mix and I don’t have one on hand

Hey Everybody, sorry I’ve been a total slacker the last few weeks with posting. Another blogger gave me some advice about not posting if it is feeling like a job/chore…which it was. So, my little break seems like it has helped (having a camera will help too, thank you Randy and Diane. Now I don’t have to …

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Apple Pie Spice (to fill 1/2 pint jar)

1/2 scant Cup Cinnamon  1/4 scant Cup Nutmeg 1/8 scant  Cup Allspice 1/8 scant  Cup Cardamom Put all ingredients in a 1/2 pint(8oz) jar. Fasten a lidon and shake until well mixed. Recipe credit goes to Irene Bird of Hurricane Utah, i just adapted it to suit my needs. All of Irene’s recipes are fantastic, so I’m so glad I found …

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Raspberry Butter (Lionhouse Recipe)

Printable Version 1 C Unsalted Butter (Room Temperature) ¼ tsp Salt ½ C Honey ½ C Raspberry Jam/Preserves ½ tsp Vanilla Extract There are fancy instructions from my source, but all you really need to do is beat the ingredients together until well mixed.  Store in  the refrigerator in an airtight container. This is delicious on Lionhouse Dinner …

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Cranberry Salad (Grandma Mary’s)

Printable Version Grandma makes this for both Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. 1 Quart Cranberries(4 Cups) 1&½ C Sugar 2 Oranges (1 peeled and one not) 4 Apples (peeled) 2 Large Red(Cherry) Jello Mixes Prepare Jello as per instructions on the boxes.  Grind the fruit(w/something like a Food Chopper,not a blender…I made that mistake and it was way …

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