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Announcing New Post Series

Some of the changes that I said were coming to the site are definitely in the works. I announced on Instagram just what the next one is and decided that I better embed the video on the site too for those of you that don’t follow me on Insta. I am attempting to conquer my fears one post at a time and this one was huge for me… completely unedited, 100% me, only one take in video…and like I say in that video, a couple of times, I am a total dork but I am hoping to show you all that I am just as nervous and human as you are…anyway, give it a watch and then stop by the blog again soon for the first of the post series.

In the cleaning 101 series I am going to be covering the very very basics that are just not common sense to so many people these days. Anyway, I hope you got a good laugh at me. I clearly suck at this, but I will be showing the real me more and more… have a great day everyone!~Sarah