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A Sneaky Place to Hide Candy

I saw this the other day on Pinterest and it made me laugh…hard! 
I’m glad that other people out there feel this way, it makes me feel like a much less crappy mother. You see, we have this problem at my house that if the kids know of its existence, anything even remotely tasty disappears within a day or so of purchase. (Which is particularly bad news when I’m on top of it enough to only go grocery shopping once a month.) Even cheese is not safe at my house… more than once I have come down the stairs to find a block of cheese covered in bites and left sitting on the floor. This means I’ve had to get creative with where to hide things and I think that I just found a great place to disguise some candy… what do you think?
They’ll open this cupboard and never see it.

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I used a Smooth Edge Can Opener,  then cleaned out a decent sized can (being careful not to damage the label), dried it out and VOILA!  They’ll never find it unless they walk in while I have the evidence ;). Lol! What do you think?
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